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Movie lover. My goal is to one day become a film maker/producer/director and a writer. I also want to write comic books.
Frantz Saintil

It took three days and three nights to reach the summit of the mountain. Three days and three nights without rest, sleep, and food. I was weak and tired, but I could not stop. I had questions... questions that only one person could answer. At the summit, the top of the mountain, i spotted a small cabin. In the clearing was a young boy, no older than 20 years of age, picking up wood to burn for the night. I stayed hidden behind the rocks and trees that surrounded the cabin. I approached cautiously, minding steps.

"If you are here to kill me, Helsing," I heard in my head, "It's only fair that I warn you, toy cannot." The voice was gentle and clear, and with it came a sense of safety and trust.

"Why do you hide? Come inside." It said softly. The door of the cabin opened, and i stepped inside.

The young boy stood at the center of the room. He had an innocent smile on his that reminded me of my son. I was not fooled. I held my crossbow to the boy's face and said "Where is your master?"

"I have no master," he replied, " I am Amerus."

"You?" I said sarcastically

"I knew you were coming. I know why you are here. And yes, I do know who you are, Helsing. So, we can sit down and speak like civilized people, or you can try to kill me, in which case I will be forced to tear your heart out with my bare hands. I do hope you choose the former. I am not in the mood to get my hands bloody."

The rules were clear. Before I came here, a friend warned me. This boy, Amerus, is possibly the most dangerous wizard in history. Along with his siblings, kalus, Marus, and Brinius, he invaded three countries and laid two to waste. I moved towards the table, settled my crossbow down, and sat down.

" Thank you," he smiled, and sat on the other end.

"Now, first thing's first," he said, "I am going to tell you something that will upset you. I killed your wife and children."

Before I knew it, my crossbow was in my hand, already loaded and fired a shot. The arrow drove through his neck and came out from the back. He tried to use his hands to stop the bleeding, but it was too late. Blood splattered the table and dripped to the floor. His breathing became short and shallow. His eyes rolled back, and his face grew pale. But just when I thought he died, he cracked a smile.

His body turned black like coal or a piece of burnt wood, and fell apart to the floor.

"I warned you," I heard his voice at my back, "you cannot kill me."

"Why did you kill my family?!" I exclaimed "Answer or god so help me, I will find a way to kill you. And I will make it slow. Your suffering will last for months."

"I needed you back, Helsing. You were lost. You are still lost. That is why you made the journey here, is it not? You want answers? I am more than happy to give them to you, but only if we can speak as..."

"Civilized? You murdered my family!" I raised the crossbow to his face and fired another shot. This time it stopped just inches away from his forehead, and fell to the ground. With a single look, my crossbow disassembled and fell apart.

"Now, shall we?"

After having realized the scope of his powers, I sat at the table, and he on the other end.

"I'll begin. Who am I?"

"You are Van Helsing. Bounty hunter, witch hunter, vampire hunter, and so on..."

"No, I mean who am I. You seem to know more about me than just what I do."

"...You are what we used to call 'Guardians'. In the time of my father, you, Van Helsing, was a force to be reckoned with. In that time, there was order- A very clear and respected hierarchy. But my father feared you and what you represented. He saw you as an end to his order. So, he used every bit of magic in his body to strip you of your memories, and send you to a different reality. From what I've gathered from your head, a reality where witches and wizards are things of fiction, and vampires shine in the sin like diamond. In his panic, my father failed to realize that you were a part of the order. After he died, our family divided into four factions, and with that, chaos ensued. The witches, those vile creatures, dare challenge us for a seat at the top of the food chain. In our war with them, we failed to see an even greater threat: the werewolves of the north. This cannot continue, Helsing. There must be order. There must be a king. I must be king."

"I don't care..." I said with a blank face, "I didn't come all this way to here about your problems. I came for answers, but i can see you have nothing to offer me but lies."

I stood and walked to the door.

"Actually, Helsing, I can make you an offer that you would dare not deny: your family."

"I am going to take my time when I kill you," i said as i gripped my dagger. I could feel rage surging through my body from my chest to my head. My hand trembled with anger. I turned to attack, but he was gone.

" I have the power to open a portal through space, a resurrection spell is child's play. I can revive your family, but my generosity is not free. There is a vampire lurking about. He goes by the name of Dracula. Retrieve him, and see your family whole again."


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