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In a promotional event for their movie Poltergeist, Fox put together a cool opportunity for fans to engage with the movie in an unprecedented way. What they did was, utilizing Twitter app 'Periscope', they allowed anyone who followed Collider News to join a live stream through the app and of course I did... I admittedly was freaking out the whole time, but I did.

The Poltergeist Periscope campaign took fans to the "Other Side," a frightening limbo space where the little girl from the film is stuck after being taken by the Poltergeist. Fans who joined, myself included, were personally incorporated into the live stream in real time, with their public information eerily voiced live. The whole thing lasted about 5 minutes, and they re-opened the Periscope feed several times during the window of time between 5pm PT - 8pm PT.

Here's a little breakdown of my experience.

I opened up to static on a TV-screen type thing

It was kind of like that for a while, and people were able to chat live, watching exactly the same thing I was watching. Then this happened!

They started mentioning people's names who were watching the Periscope... safe to say this is about when I started actually getting legitimately scared.

Keep in mind the music is extremely chilling the entire time...

This whole experience was so awesome... this is the future! Everybody who was chatting was super into it. And we all were sharing this experience.

I couldn't have said it better myself, @kulipeter

Annnd, the Poltergeist cracked open my iPhone screen! What the hell is happening?!!?!

I wasn't quick enough to get a screen shot of the clown that popped up. There was a lot going on, my fingers were not quick enough! I assure you it was frightening... you'll have to take my word for it though.


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