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Nobody really knows how he came to be, where the madness really began. That is, until someone came forward and spoke his tale, someone who was close to him in the past.

This is the story of Gotham's most feared criminal mastermind. This is how an intelligent, kind young man named Jason McCain became a clever mass murderer known only as The Joker.


Age 10: Jason McCain was a smart boy at a young age, smarter than most in his class. He was also a model son. His mother stayed home and took care of him, while his father went to his brand new job as a Gotham City police officer. He helped his mother around the house, did his homework, then would wait for his father to get home, so he can tell him about his day.

Then, almost every night before bed, they played a few card games. It was Jason's favorite thing to do, and the thing he looked forward to every day. It was almost always family game night in the McCain home.

When he wasn't at school during the day, he played with a little girl, who had just moved to his neighborhood almost a month ago. Her name was Haley Richards.

Jason met Haley while riding his bike one sunny afternoon and accidentally hit her. She was coming around the corner, chasing another boy in their little game, and wasn't paying attention. Trying to swerve out of the way, he turned his front tire sideways, clipped her with the handlebars, and flipped off his bike.

Slightly dizzy, he got to his feet to make sure the girl was okay. Before he could, however, the other boy was in his face.

"Hey, that wasn't nice!" screamed the boy.

"I'm sorry, i didn't see her." whispered Jason, trying not to tremble too much in front of this other boy, who could clearly hurt him if he wanted to.

"Hal, leave him alone, it was an accident," said the girl, getting to her feet and walking in between us, "How many times have you accidentally hit me since I met you?"

The boy thought about it, chuckled, and stepped away, amused by past thoughts. The girl then turned to Jason.

"Don't worry about Hal, he's a good friend," she said, then stuck out her hand, "My name's Haley Richards. What's your's?"

Jason stuck his hand out as well and shook her's nervously, "Jason McCain."

"Do you want to play with us, Jason?"

Jason thought about it, glancing over Haley's shoulder at Hal, who was checking out Jason's bike.

Haley noticed and smirked, "Don't worry about Hal, he'll behave."

"What's he doing with my bike?" Jason asked as Hal picked up the bike and started looking over it.

"He's just wondering how it works, he loves mechanic stuff. He wants to fly planes, just like his dad." With that, she stuck out her hand and grabbed his wrist, forcing Jason to join them.

That day, Jason McCain made the best friends he ever had. That was also the day his crush on Haley Richards began.


Age 15: Jason McCain spent a lot of time with Haley and Hal, mostly Haley. They took trips into the city, just to get away from their home lives and spend time together. When they came back, Haley snuck back into her room and unlocked the front door for Jason, sneaking him into her room.

There, they listened to music, while laying on her bed, both lost in their own thoughts. Jason looked over at her and the burning desire to kiss her continued to ignite every time he looked into her gorgeous, blue eyes. She looked over and giggled, "What?"

"Nothing," Jason stammered, looking back at the ceiling. Next thing he new, Haley was on top of him, her lips on his. He couldn't believe this was happening, it was a million times better than he ever imagined.

Haley then jumped at the sound of foot steps, "Shit, that's one of my parents, you gotta go," she whispered, hurrying to the window, and almost pushing him out of it. He jumped down, whispered goodnight, and started walking down the street. A few feet from home, he stopped and looked around. He had the strangest feeling he was being watched. After a minute or two, he shook it off and snuck back into his house.

Almost as soon as he closed the door, he heard someone pull into the driveway. He looked out the window and saw his dad pulling up in his cruiser. Jason found it strange he was coming home so late, it came out of nowhere, considering he was always home by a decent hour.

It was 3 a.m.

Jason forgot about it, though, as soon as the fact that Haley Richards had just kissed him started to sink in. He went to his room, climbed into bed, and spent the rest of the night thinking of Haley.


Age 17: Over the next couple years, Jason and Haley flirted back and forth, stealing a kiss here and there, but they never made it official. They were both too nervous to ask the other out. So, he did what he did every day, hangout with her and Hal, who Jason had become decent friends with.

The downside, though, Hal was moving, because his father got a job in a different state. He was still flying planes, just getting much better pay.

So, the night before he left, they through a farewell party for him at Haley's. Her parents were gone that weekend, anyways for their anniversary and trusted their little girl. They broke out the alcohol and invited a few other people, who invited a few more people, and thus started a bigger party than they intended.

Jason spent most of his time on the couch, sipping his bottle of Smirnoff, while other teenagers were dancing, drinking, and doing things behind the closed doors of the house. He looked over and saw Haley talking to one of her girlfriends, just as Hal walked over, asked if he could talk to her, and they walked upstairs.

Jason sighed and looked back around, just to get hit inbetween the eyes with a picture frame that was thrown by Derek Train, a skater and drug-addict, who loved bullying him.

"Whoops, sorry McCain, didn't see you there," screamed Derek, laughing his ass off, while Jason's nose bled. He jumped up, and took off upstairs to the bathroom. On his way there, he walked past Haley's room, stopping suddenly as he heard noise coming from inside. He thought about it for a moment, wondering if it was just a couple people breaking in Haley's bed.

Suddenly, he heard a scream from inside, and realized right away it was Haley. He barged inside, only to stop immediately in the doorway, the sight in front of him too much to take in.

Haley and Hal were making out and rolling around on her bed, both of them half naked. She stopped instantly when Jason came in and the look on her face told him she could see the pain in his.

"Jason, wait, i can explain," stammered, trying to put her clothes back on, but Jason was out of the house before she got her shirt over her head.

Jason started walking down the street, completely stunned. He thought they had something, that she liked him. Instead she had her tongue down Hal's throat. He entirely forgot about his nose, which was still bleeding profusely.

Sirens suddenly sounded behind him and he immediately thought it was his dad. It was, however, officer Fulk, a dickhead cop, who loved the power of his job and abused it every chance he got.

"Jason McCain, where do you think you're going?" Fulk asked, stepping out of the cruiser and walking up to him.

"Home, is that alright with you?"

"Don't be a smartass, kid, it'll get you into trouble," Fulk snarled, getting on Jason's face. Jason felt angry, and he was starting not to care this man was a cop. Fulk noticed this, and stepped toward him, his hand on his gun.

"Go on, kid, make a move."

Jason almost did, too, until a voice behind him made him jump.

"Jason, get inside," said his father, turning to Fulk, "I'll take care of him."

Fulk stood there a moment, then slowly walked back to his car. Hank McCain followed his son inside, and grabbed him by the shoulders, "Jason what happened? Did Fulk do this to you?" He indicated the blood pouring down his shirt.

"No, it was some asshole from school, nothing to worry about."

Hank looked at his son, "Go get cleaned up, and we can play a card game."

Jason looked at his dad and smiled, he hadn't played a card game with his dad in a long time. He looked his dad in the face and could tell something was wrong, though, he looked very worried all the time now. I guess it came with being a cop.

By Monday, Hal was gone and Haley was trying very hard to talk to Jason, but he avoided her like the plague. He even decided to walk home, instead of taking the bus, the same one Haley took. Once home, he passed out on the couch, exhausted from the walk. He woke once he heard a car door slam shut. He checked his watch and noticed it was 4:35 a.m.

Jason pretended he was still asleep as his dad walked in. He peeked through his eyelids and noticed he looked more worried than usual. He wanted so badly to know what was bothering him this bad, but thought against it.

The next morning, he decided to just take the bus, but realized immediately Haley wasn't on it. He thought maybe she just stayed home. Once in homeroom, there was an announcement that changed everything.

"We are extremely sad to announce Haley Richards passed away last night. Due to her family's wishes, details of her death won't be released to the public."

There was more, but Jason didn't hear it. He was stunned. He didn't say a word, just spent the day in a trance. It wasn't until chemistry class that Jason snapped out of it when he heard Derek Train talking about Haley.

"It's honestly a shame, i never got my hands on that tight, little body," Derek said, chuckling.

That's when Jason lost it. He flipped his desk, jumped up, and grabbed one of the knives they'd been using to dissect different animals, holding it to his throat.

"Get this psycho off me!" Derek screamed

Students tried, but nobody could pull him off. It took two security guards to pull him off. They called his parents and, with the help of his father, sent home instead of the police station. Once home, he sat at the kitchen table, while both parents starred at him.

"Honey, I'm so sorry about Haley, i know she meant a lot to you," said his mother, bending down in front of him, "Please smile for me, you never smile anymore. I miss your smile."

Jason's expression didn't change, he just starred at the table. It was the sound of his dad crying that made him look up. Hank looked at his son, then his wife.

"Hank, it's okay, i know you'll find who did this," she said, rubbing her husband's back.

He sat down, looked at his wife, "I'm so sorry, Nancy." Then he looked at his son, "It's my fault."

Jason starred at his father, "What do you mean, dad?"

Hank sobbed, "I could've stopped it. I was right there."

"Hank, what are you saying?" Asked Nancy, slowly stepping away from him.

"Fulk grabbed Haley off the bus, told her you were in the hospital, your injury had gotten worse and you were asking for her. He took her to a warehouse, where he tortured and raped her until she bled to death," Hank rushed in one breath.

There was nothing, but silence for what felt like years.

"How do you know this, dad?" Jason asked almost quieter than a whisper.

Tears started coming out faster now, he dropped his face in his hands.

"Dad?" Jason was on his feet now.

He lifted his head slowly, "I helped him do it."

There was silence. Nancy was now the opposite side of the room, away from her husband. Jason couldn't believe this.

"Why would you say that?" Asked Jason.

"It's not the first time, we've kidnapped numerous of girls over the years. I just can't take hiding it, anymore. I never expected him to take Haley."

Jason stepped closer to him, "Did you help kidnap her?"

He looked at him, "No."

"Did you rape her, too?"

A moment of silence, "Yes."

That was all it took. He didn't want to hear his reasons and explanations. Jason grabbed the knife he had stolen from his classroom earlier and stabbed his father repeatedly in the chest. He could hear his mother screaming behind him, but he didn't care. He kept stabbing him, ignoring his father's weakening pleads.

Jason stabbed him once more and looked at his father with intense hatred, watching as the light in his eyes dimmed out.

"Jason," whispered his mother.

Jason stood and looked at his mother, but he didn't see the woman he knew. Now that he knew his father was a rapist and a murderer, nobody was who they were before. He walked slowly to his cowering mother, knife still in hand.

"You want me to smile more? How's this for you?" Jason asked, putting the knife to his cheek and began slicing upward. Nancy McCain shrieked and begged her son to stop, but he kept going, working on the next cheek. When he finished, he looked in the window of the grandfather clock in the corner and saw the deep cuts he made. They shaped upward, so he'll forever be smiling.

He bent down and looked his mother in the face, "You should've known what he was doing. You're no better than him." With that, he slit his mother's throat.

Jason looked around at his two dead parents. He remembered the old card games they all played together, how happy and simple everything was. He walked over to the drawer by the pantry and grabbed the deck of cards, stuffing them in his jacket pocket, and walked out, never looking back.


Jason McCain was never seen again after that night. The next day, police found Fulk hanging from the on the police station, his face carved into a smile. Underneath him, laying on the ground, was a joker card. Police tried searching for Jason, but all traces of his existence were erased. A few days after, a student named Kyle Corbin reported a man in a red hood walking out of one of the boy's restrooms. Kyle walked in to find fellow student, Derek Train stabbed and stuck to the wall with nails, with scars similar to Fulk's on his face.

Since the Joker is still at large, the person who revealed his story will remain anonymous, for their own safety.

What we must take from this is under the make-up, scars, and tasteless jokes, is a boy, whose whole world got turned upside down by the people he trusted most. They betrayed him, turned him against everything he knew, and created this separate being, who wants nothing, but chaos and destruction. That's all he got in the end.


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