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Late august 1989 first day of school around 11 A.M when mother got the call this teacher didn't like me i could tell already, she was screaming at me that I WASNT NORMAL that I NEEDED HELP I didn't know where i belonged. I didn't do anything i felt was wrong i didn't see the problem. Skip ahead 5 years i'm sitting in front of a judge third time this month. He gave me one of two choices life in prison or the military. Easy choice here sit in a box? or kill people for some extra cash military it was

Semperis Fidelis
Semperis Fidelis

After base training i was shipped off to a small town in Kasnia where immediately we were being attacked by a small band of forces we held them off very well with very little casualties. later that night we were attacked again this time from all sides we were surrounded i was the only survivor.

a few hours later i was shipped back to hq to be debriefed and given new orders while a special task force handled the military regime that had just slaughtered my brothers in arms i had submitted a request to join the task force. I was approved almost immediately

the mission was a simple one kill everything that moved. it sounded so good on paper we got over confident, we had no idea they had called in a specialist of their own nobody saw him enter the base, we didnt hear any gunshots, we heard nothing until he was right behind us this time there were 2 survivors myself and a marksman that went by floyd lawton he fell of the radar a while ago. i still have night terrors about the one man that took down an entire elite military task force, using two katanas. his mask was enough alone to send me into a psychotic rage

when i returned i was given an dishonorable discharge from the military for killing a nurse i choked the life out of her and watched the life fade from her eyes. they would have sent me to prison if i hadn't had been given my psyche evaluation that day i was declared legally insane. instead of prison they had transferred me to a new insane asylum located on the outskirts of gotham city. it was called the arkham asylum it was formerly a hospital that had burnt down and was rebuilt.

My first day in i had met a fellow named Waylon Jones he was a rather large gentleman with scales all around him from some birth defect he was an odd man. down four doors from myself sat my old colleague floyd lawton he goes by deadshot now i thought that was rather odd i stuck to myself for the 18 months i was in there the doctor in charge of my re-conditioning was a young woman a dr. quinzel she was strikingly beautiful and was the most down to earth person i had ever met i really liked her i think she liked me too. she was sad to see me go when i had been rehabilitated.

i had started my new life in gotham city take up a job as a security officer for wayne enterprises and was doing good for myself until one night as i was walking home there was a fight in the alley beside my job a rather large man with a cape and someone else who i couldnt see very well until he tried to escape. it was the man with the katanas who had killed my squad, had he followed me? was he here to finish the job? i didnt have time to think about this i was too angry i quickly pulled my handgun and fired all 15 rounds at him striking him in the back a few times he hit the ground, i yelled for joy and ran over to see the man behind the mask. I turned him over slowly and reached for his mask he was still alive pulled his sword and slashed my face almost to the jaw to where my tongue was nearly on my neck. i felt no pain though, instead of screaming i couldnt help but laugh. and i couldnt stop, i couldnt that is until HE showed up, the man with the cape. he was unlike anything i had seen before he pummeled the man to the ground with ease then disappeared into the night. the police arrived on the scene first and arrested the man apparently his name is slade wilson. i passed out from blood loss soon after that, i woke up some time later my face wrapped with cloth a doctor had walked in to i guess check on me i ask '' how long was i out?" the doctor says i was in a medically induced coma for 2 years. 2 years i was out of commision oh how everything has changed i now had no pigment in my face, i was horribly disfigured, i had no job, no home, and no future. that started to sink in very fast i resorted to my old ways and within 18 minutes everyone in the hospital was dead. i knew my purpose now i was no good at being good i was good at killing. there was one man who understood me i intend to find him, he is called the batman he will be my last victim... and my greatest victory


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