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I'm a big fan of horror stories and zombie books. So when I stumbled upon this little gem, I couldn't pass it up and I wanted to tell you guys all about it. One of the best books I've read in a while in regards to the zombie apocalypse (besides the famous walking dead series) is Exit Zero by Mr. Neil A. Cohen. I had the pleasure of picking up the book about a month ago and let me tell you, I couldn't put it down until the end.

In Exit Zero when the scientific research into curing both hunger and obesity goes terribly wrong, a fast moving plague is unleashed and sweeps across New Jersey. The State is abandoned by the country and sealed off from the world. The victims have become horrific mutations of their former selves. The inhabitants are left to kill or to die. The plot involves a soldier, a scientist, a detective a mobster, a politician and a prepper, a long with a beautiful yet dangerous woman form the Philippines, they must come together during the first 48 hrs of the outbreak and journey through chaos towards their only chance of escape on the Garden State Parkway... Exit Zero.

So this past weekend when I knew Mr. Cohen would be at a certain convention I had the pleasure to attend, I didn't want to miss this exclusive opportunity to ask him for a short yet interesting interview.. Here's what he had to share about Exit Zero.

MP: Hello Mr. Cohen is such a pleasure, can you please tell us a little bit in your own words about Exit Zero?

NC: Exit Zero just came out in February of 2015, and it follows the first 48hrs of the zombie apocalypse as it hits New Jersey. It follows a diverse cast of characters, as they are making their way down the Garden State Parkway, at the beginning of the end.

MP: Zombies wow.. They seem to be a popular topic now a days, is a little different from other apocalypse movies or books taking place in your typical big areas such as New York, Atlanta or L.A, why New Jersey out of all places?

NC: Well.. first, I thought, New Jersey is the perfect place for the zombie apocalypse to begin. I tried to make the state a character in the book, also I tried to give a different take on the apocalypse. My zombies are actually infected living not reanimated dead and there's a very specific reason why they became zombies, how they became zombies and the purpose of their zombie-fication. Also, I tried to make it more than just a zombie book, it's a political allegory. I looked back to the 1970's movies and books such as Rollerball Soylent Green, and the Manchurian candidate.

MP: That sounds very interesting, a great book with a little bit of everything huh?

NC: It is, I tried to appeal to all types of different genres.

MP: Now how are your zombies, different from others that we've already seen on t.v. or film? What else can you tell us about your zombies?

NC: Well as I stated before my zombies are infected living, but they are not infected as much as they are addicted. there's a purpose for that. The virus that they are infected with exists in the world today. It only has affected about 3 people known to man, but it exists in the crustaceans and in insects. In my book, I explain how it makes the transfer to human and why. There is a purpose and of course it explains more thoroughly in my book.

MP: This is a total different take from your usual zombies biting and infecting people. It's usually either thru some sort of unknown source or by some chemical plant, an experiment gone awry etc.

NC: Absolutely and I will give you one final hint.. It involves modified embryonic animal tissue, but I will leave it there and you have to buy the book (laughs).

MP: Of course, once I started Exit Zero, I couldn't wait to get to the end, well I actually didn't want to get to the end since I was intrigued within the story line but I heard some good news and I heard you were working on a sequel?

NC: We are as a matter of fact and the next sequel will actually follow a different set of characters and some of the same ones and it will take place after the zombie virus has kind of taken over and how society exists and learns to cope within that atmosphere.

Thank you so much for your time and for this amazing interview Mr. Cohen.

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