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Quicksilver has been a very important character in Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron and Fox's X Men : Days of the future past. But, little is known about their origins. While, the Quicksilver in Age Of Ultron had some depth in his character as some light was shone on his past, the Days of The Future Past one was a kind of a shallow character, which left the audience waiting for more.

This is the origin story of both the Quicksilver's from both the movies. I hope you enjoy it!

The December of late 1950s

In the December of late 1950s, two twins named Pietro and Peter were born. The name Peitro was chosen by the father of the children, acknowledging his european origins, and the name Peter was chosen by the mother, acknowledging her American origins. Both were born somewhere in Europe. The place of birth was not known by anyone except for the parents. The father of the children, Erik Lehnsherr a.k.a a metal bending mutant called The Magneto, a tall man with dashing looks, was certain that the twins were mutants (as they were children of an alpha mutant) but as soon as they both grew up and reached the age of 3, it was seen that Peter had the ability of super speed and Peitro was completely human. Although, mutants don't develop their powers until puberty, both Peter and Peitro were exceptions, as one had developed powers before puberty and the other had not developed powers at all.

On one cold night, Magneto decided to ditch the children and the mother because of the fact that he couldn’t commit to the relationship any longer, he decided to take Peter with him and move to America. As Peter was a very young mutant he thought that it would be easy to brain wash him and then use him for his personal purposes. When the mother, Ms.Maximoff woke up and realized that Peter and Eric were gone, she couldn’t cope with the fact. Soon she began to fall into depression and the only thing that could help her was alcohol and drugs. At least, thats what she thought! Her parents, an elderly couple, who were very poverty stricken couldn’t see their grandson with his alcoholic and drug addicted mother, decided to send him to Sokovia, an eastern european country, where their relatives, other Maximoffs, lived. The relatives were very well off and the female head of the house was very child loving so, the parents thought that Peitro would be in safe hands.

Peitro's trip to Sokoiva

In Sokovia, the house of Peitro’s new parents was very lavish as compared to his mother’s home. He had a complete make over when hey moved there. from top branded food to top branded shoes and clothes. He was living a happy life.They also had an adopted daughter, named Wanda, who was of the same age as Peitro. They both shared a very special bond and grew up to be a pair of tightly bonded siblings. They were both made to believe that they were born twins by their parents, just to make sure that peace prevailed. These children were very street smart but were very humble and modest in nature. On one sad day, when Sokovia was declared to be at war with an enemy nation, a missile hit their peaceful home and everything was lost. Their parents, their luxuries and their childhood. Soon after, these events they both applied for getting experimented on by the HYDRA agent Baron Von Strucker, who had been looking for children looking from vengeance. Many had applied but the experiments worked only on these two children, who were then nick named “The Twins”. This was because of the fact that Peitro’s mutation was deep down somewhere in the body and only required a catalyst to make it emerge. Wanda on the other hand was daughter of a gypsy, Magda who was a regular human was a daughter of a father mutant, so Wanda had the mutation in here genes too. They were kept in Strucker’s lab for a very long time lasting for about 20 years.

This resulted in Peitro having the super speed and Wanda having psychic abilities. But, one side effect of the experiment of Peitro and Wanda was that now they couldn’t age. Their age clock stopped at late twenties.

From rehab to America

Ms. Maximoff soon went to rehab and got stable. In a desperate attempt of having her children back, she went in search of Peter to America, first as her parent had died and only they knew of Peitro’s whereabouts. She struggled to find him. But, later when news of a speedster who was seen in came in the news she was very certain that she had found Peter. He was living with a man appointed by Magneto to look after his son. Ms. Maximoff told the man the whole story and then Peter moved in with Ms. Maximoff in a new home. Peter was a brilliant boy in school. He got straight A’s but he had developed a little ego on the way of growing up. His obsession with new gadgets always ended up in him getting in trouble but his scientific endeavors always kept him safe. Soon, his step-sister Lorna Dane was born.


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