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Ok, so this is my first article on this site. It’s just mainly food for thought, but I thought readers might enjoy it. Now before you going hating in the comments and say (about the following theory) something along the lines of:

“Oh this could never happen. There’s hardly any evidence”

It’s a theory. There’s hardly a chance of it happening. This is something nerds like doing. We like analyzing things to death and when we’re right, there are many festivities. When we’re wrong, then at least we came up with a wacky and cool theory. Without further ado, let’s jump into the FAN theory, is Venom coming into the MCU but significantly reworked?

Who is Venom?

To those that don’t know, Venom was born from a symbiotic lifeform that hated Peter Parker/Spider-Man after Spider-Man rejected the powers it could give him (as the black suit Spider-Man). The symbiote proceeded to latch onto a journalist by the name of Eddie Brock, who hated Spider-Man. They used their mutual hate to become the villain Venom. Venom plagued Spider-Man for years, spawning another villain by the name of Carnage alongside several other “symbiotes” and currently the symbiote is in the possession of Flash Thompson (you know, the school bully), the new Venom (who is more heroic than the original Venom). Okay, now you know who Venom is. Now here’s my theory: Venom in the MCU is a Kree weapon.


1. Spider-Man was recently brought back into the Marvel fold and now Spider-Man and all his related characters can appear in the MCU. Thus, Venom. Also, Spider-Man Easter eggs would probably start to seep in around now. In fact, already scripted things in the show could be slightly reworked.

2. Last year in a Guardians of the Galaxy comic, the Venom symbiote was revealed to be from a race called the Klyntar and to some that might be a problem with this theory. But the thing is that before last year, the Venom symbiote was JUST an alien. This is the reworking I’m talking about. This time it’s a Kree weapon instead.

3. People want Venom to tie into Guardians of the Galaxy and since the first film has already introduced the Kree, why not? Also, the Kree have been on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Would it not be an interesting dynamic in Guardians of the Galaxy if Venom was introduced as a Kree weapon and they weren’t sure whether to trust him?

4. Venom was poorly done in Spider-Man 3 and is begging for a reboot.

So why do I think this?

The Monolith in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Venom is the Monolith

Now, obvious holes in the theory addressed:

1. The structure of the Monolith when solid is unlike anything we have ever seen a symbiote do, but that part of their physiology could be tinkered with, or maybe it was always there.

2. This episode must have been written before the announcement that Spider-Man was back. But maybe Spider-Man was confirmed before he was announced and also, a last minute change could have been made, changing the structure of the weapon. It may not even be released this season, so they could still hold off a Venom reveal.

3. The Monolith is said to be dangerous against Inhumans. A symbiote could possess an Inhuman and feed off their power, making super-powered symbiotes as well as keeping the Inhumans in check while possible experiments could be done on them.

4. The Monolith appears to also be alive. It turned into liquid (a typical Venom form) when the Inhumans entered. This would suggest that it naturally detects Inhumans or that it is sentient. Now, originally I thought it would be Graviton from early Season 1, but then thought Venom and “ancient Kree weapon” erased the thought of Graviton from my mind, leaving only Venom. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. already set up Age of Ultron and is currently setting up Inhumans (4 years prior to the movie), why not introduce a Spider-Man villain early? Plus, Civil War brings out groups like the Thunderbolts and that’s coming up very soon.

Either way, Venom would be an awesome addition to the MCU regardless and he deserves a proper treatment. While that treatment may not be on S.H.I.E.L.D., he should definitely make an appearance soon.

Thanks for reading everyone.

EDIT: So I just watched the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Season 2 finale last night and I’d just like to add some further evidence for Venom.



Ok, we all good?


Then we shall begin.

Ok, so first off we’ll deal with the most important thing: that ending. Besides the fact that that imagery of black goo wrapping its tendons over someone and enveloping them is almost synonymous with Venom, Simmons didn’t really get a goodbye. There was no emotional music. Could it be that she’s still alive? I honestly 100% think she is. Didn’t that scene seem like sort of an afterthought? As if the writers said “You guys remember that scene that we said we’d put in if we got Spiderman back?’s back. You still up for it?”. The finale had several endings, going into detail with each character, but that scene felt slightly out of place. Also, the show didn’t really show the Monolith doing much until those last few seconds, so there’s no conclusive proof that it ISN’T Venom and any changes could definitely be made for Season 3.

So, is Simmons becoming a female Venom maybe? Possibly. After all, Venom WAS part of the Secret Avengers and it seemed like they were being heavily hinted at the end of the episode (maybe a team that is a mix of Secret Warriors and Secret Avengers?) and who better to join a team of Secret Avengers than someone who has been with Quake since she joined S.H.I.E.L.D? Jemma Simmons. Another point of interest is how the show has been playing up on Jemma’s willingness to kill. Either way, the finale hasn’t made me think otherwise about the Monolith being Venom and has instead provoked more of a belief in the idea.. We could be looking at a Venom storyline on AOS very soon. Thoughts?


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