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January, 1989. Dashir Singh was a name no one knew. He had potential to be a household name, Until his wife died in 1987. He was making strides in the field of genetics and then his wife contracted a rare disease from an ancient specimen in his lab. He searched for a cure, but in less than a week, she was gone. Unable to change this, He decided that humanity was too weak and frail...but he could fix that. He knew none of his colleagues would agree with what he had planned, So he vanished without a trace. Dr.Singh had created a lab hidden on the islands of Tonga. He spent years working on his theories.

Everything led up to this point.

A pair of eyes blinked and opened as a baby stared at him from a glass container. At first he worried because the baby made no noise.No cries for milk,No cooing. Instead the baby stared at him. It watched him very intently. As pre-recorded videos of educational material was played on a monitor for the baby, it made no noise or movements. after 7 hours of video, Dr.Singh lost hope, Thinking this was another failure. As he began to turn off the monitor, he turned slightly distraught and heard a voice. Light and angelic, it said "food". He looked back at the baby in awe, hypnotized by what he heard."Food" it cried again. This brought a smile to his face. He ran to get a bottle he prepared weeks ago for this occasion. A blend of much needed vitamins, minerals and vaccinations. Simulated Colostrum for his new "child", he thought. The baby fell asleep after the meal and Dr.Singh went on to celebrate by himself with his wife's picture and a bottle of wine he kept from their wedding.

Around Christmas time, The boy was already running around the lab and spoke when it wanted to. It called him Doctor, and still He had not given it a name. As he took notes on the child's growth progress, Cognitive development, and behavior patterns, He still struggled with giving it a name. He did not want to become attached if this experiment failed with more time. But that thought passed out of mind this day.

"Doctor?" said the child. "Yes?"replied Singh from his desk.

"What am I?"

Singh became more attentive, and curious about this self awareness.

"what do you mean?" he asked
The child looked down and considered his words carefully, trying to make sense of his thoughts.

"I am a test?" said the child.

"yes, You are. My best experiment yet, and the first of many I hope."

"Oh..." replied the child, somewhat saddened by that response.

"Why do you ask?" probed Singh.

"I am not your son then?"said the child looking at the floor.

Singh's heart sank. He felt a tear well up and instantly roll down his cheek as he walked to the child and asked "What did you say?". The child looked at him and Singh grabbed him and hugged him. The boy said "I want to be smart, Like you Doctor" Singh stood the boy in front of him and smiled. Then very lovingly said "You will be smarter than me.In fact, you will be smarter than anyone who has ever lived. And Stronger! You will be a Superior man very soon. I made you to be this. You are My legacy. few will know my name, but many will know yours.I promise, you will be famous."

The boy smiled then asked "But what is my name?"

at that moment the doctor knew the perfect name. His wife's father,combined with his father... "Your name is Khan Noonien Singh. Never forget who you are, Son."


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