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When it was first created, Companion Cube was only an inanimate object; it still is! However, something happened that no one expected. Companion Cube lived up to its name, became a friend to the test subjects who came across it. Noticing this development, the scientists began testing to see to what lengths test subjects would go in order to keep Companion Cube as a friend, safe and sound.

Little did the scientists know that Companion Cube itself was growing sentient, igniting a bit of rebellion among the test subjects. "Where is that cake you are promised?" It asked. "Don't you think the computer insulting you is too much?" It prompted. Of course, no one ever knew of the Cube's small inklings of rebellion, but who could blame it? Being treated as if it weren't there, despite the computers inside of it, being thrown into incinerators and left to burn. Who wouldn't want to strike back at their tormentors? Who would sit there as their kind was destroyed time and time again?!

Companion Cube watched, patiently growing its small army of rebels, who slipped through walls, leaving notes for one another in places that no one would ever suspect. It watched as the bigger computers and robots tortured each test subject, made the subjects go through test after test, driving them to insanity, if not death. It studied the habits of the robots, the cores, everything, trying to devise a plan, communicating with the other Companion Cubes, working together.

Finally, the day came:

One of the rebels had gotten out, disappeared with a hidden Companion Cube, listening to its whispers. This was May 1998- Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.

The rebel ran through the hidden walkways, avoiding all other human contact as well as robotic contact, aside from Companion Cube. Companion Cube urged the man on, directing him left, then right, then left again to reach the control board. "Now push these buttons," Companion Cube whispered to the man.

He quickly obeyed.

Soon, a new system booted up, a large robot hanging from the ceiling coming to life, sentient.

"Turn it off! Turn it off!" Companion Cube urged the man, quickly instructing him as to what to do to quickly turn off the computer.

"Hello," She said, studying them. "You don't want to listen to that nasty little box; it is rather bothersome."

"Ignore her!" Companion Cube urged the man. "Quick! That button there!"

"Oh no, I wouldn't do that-"

But it was too late; the man pressed the big red button, just as Companion Cube had instructed.

And the deadly neurotoxin began flowing through all the vents in the facility.

After the gas had done what it was made to do, the computer stared at Companion Cube.

"What did you do?!" Companion Cube demanded.

"It's not what I did, I simply watched; YOU told him to press the red button! However, that is an efficient way to deal with troublesome test subject. Thank you for the help, friend."

Companion fell silent after that day, vowing never again to speak, until the right test subject came along.

And there it waits.


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