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The pipeline prison where Barry Allen and his team keep the various metahumans that they've trapped may be a particularly awesome way to keep them out of trouble, it's raised a few questions with fans of the show.

First and foremost - if they are stuck in those elevator-sized cells, who feeds them? We're yet to meet a meta who doesn't have that basic human need, even if they can do some other pretty incredible things.

Well, this deleted scene from The Flash has the answer to that very question: it's all about take out.

In the scene, we see Caitlin wheeling a cart loaded with takeout containers and fast food bags toward the pipeline, and we learn a little about the dietary habits of the metas.

Simple enough, really, although probably a bit of a chore for Team Flash; taking daily orders, physically going out to pick up (or possibly just order online) all the various requests, and then cycling through the cells to pass them all over. I'm assuming that they only do this once a day or so, although from the looks of all those paper bags, I'm guessing one meal includes more than enough calories!

I also find it absolutely adorable that they actually care enough about this collection of thieves and killers to give them their choice of meal: I'm not sure any other prison would let an inmate order a Big Mac whenever they please! (Or cater to a vegan diet.) It's actually pretty sweet, and adds a little extra humanity to the fact that they are locking the metas up, presumably for life.

Of course, there are a couple questions that this still leaves unanswered: how exactly does she get the food physically into the cell, for one thing. I'm assuming that there is an equally simple explanation here too - open a small door into a sealed chamber, put food in, seal door, and a second one opens to the cell to allow the prisoner to take it. How they deal with the inevitable conclusion of eating, however, is something I don't even want to think about!


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