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When Pitch Perfect first came out in 2012, I was quit reluctant to see it mostly because I was recovering from my high school musical era. As far as I was concerned , Pitch Perfect was another attempt Hollywood was making to make musicals look cool. But I was totally sold after I watched it because 1) it wasn't a movie about teenagers falling in love and all that gazz ,2) it was acapella , something that I didn't know actually exist (call me ignorant) ,3) it was feaking aca-awsome and 4) it defiantly didn’t have people randomly breaking out into musical notes whenever they were trying to make a point, in other words it had dialogue.

Anyway, moving to Pitch Perfect 2, the only word i would use to describe the movies is that it was freaking Amazeballs (I know its not a actual word). I have never in my life laughed so much that I choked on my popcorn. The only time that happened was when I was watching the Heat. The movie starts off with Fat Amy pretty much flashing the world and The President of the United State what she's made of "down under." And when I say POTUS I mean the actual POTUS not a actor look alike and for that alone he is a legend. After that, the movie was mainly about the girls trying to get reinstated into the acapella competition which they were suspended from. And the only way for them to do this mean competing in the world competition that no american has won. EVER.

I must say, by the time the movie was half way, I my stomach hurt so much from laughing and my throat felt like someone took hot water and poured it down my throat. That was how much I was laughing. The joke were brilliantly written although some were sexists ( totally not referring to John Michael Higgins) . The plot was alright although it could have been better, the actors and actresses pulled their roles off wonderfully. And I totally didn’t know Hailee Steinfeld could sing.

Now lets talk about performances. I love the Barden Bellas, they are sassy funny and extremely diverse group who can sing well but they had nothing on the German group Das Sound Machine. If this was real life and if i were the judge, I would give the title of world champion to them faster then flash can run. That was how good they were. Not only were the group fiercely good looking , they were extremely talented putting on amazing performance.

There were a lot of cameos on the movie, like Snoop Dogg who actually made some pretty jokes but I guess that make be because of the writers. Who could forget POTUS cameo, although I guess he would regret it since he got a full on show from down under. And one very well know acapella group called Penatonix.

As for the rest of the movie, I hope they make a Pitch Perfect 3 because as Far as i was concerned this movie was the best Pitch so far. But I’m giving it a 9/10 mostly because i found the romance in the movie to be quite annoying and useless even if it was funny. But I would defiantly recommend people to watch it because if you thing one was funny, this will blow you stomach off and you'll end up with heart burn.


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