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1948 New York,

On a bright beautiful day of Christmas Eve, Mario and Luigi, two orphaned brothers, stood outside of a big house observing through a huge glass window, a family having their big spread of Christmas dinner with their family members. It has started snowing and the weather is getting colder. Standing in the cold, looking at this family, in their heart, they craved for such family love, togetherness and sense of belonging. Both Mario and Luigi, age 15 and 13, have longed for family love. They live in dark alley on their own supporting themselves by working as hard labor and been doing this from very young age. With no one to be with on Christmas, Mario and Luigi decided to have ice cream as a Christmas treat. Walking away from the scenery of family dinner, Mario checked his torn trousers’ pocket and pulled out one pound. Lungi noticed that. Both Mario and Lungi looked at each other sadly, knowing they cannot afford a scoop of ice cream with the money they have. Still thinking about the family eating so much of food and their fate, they continue walking toward the dark alley through a buzzing city. Along their way, they come across happy couples, family and young people glittering with happiness and laughter celebrating Christmas. They can also hear Christmas songs and corals.

Taking all that in, the brothers head towards their so called home instead of ice cream shop.

Luigi could not help himself and said to his brother, “I wish we could be like them too". Mario, although wishes for the same, did not reply this brother.

Entering the dark alley and walking slowly, there was a loud sound of flipping coins that startled the boys. Alert and scared, they move closer to each other. Both Mario and Luigi checked their surroundings. To Mario, it sounded spooky that sends a chill down his spine. However, the boys have no idea where the sound came from. Staring at the dark, these terrified boys started noticing a shadow approached them in slow motion. In a small voice, Lungi said, “Please do not hurt us”.

Then, they heard a man’s voice replied, “Don't worry, my little ones, I'm not going to harm you”. The approaching shadow turned out to be a tall big man with small eyes and raised scar above his right eyebrow. The man stood looking down at the boys and said, “Come with me and your life will change". Both the boys looked at each other, filled with curiosity.

“You need to follow simple instruction and if you do it correctly, you will have a different life”, said the man.

Both boys agreed to follow the simple instruction by this man and trail behind him happily without asking any further question and not knowing anything about this man. To these boys, anything than their present life is good.

The man took both Mario and Luigi inside a big abandoned sewerage pipe located not too far from the alley. The boys never were here before. “Sit down and follow my instruction” said the man. Mario was not so keen as he thinks the man is a con but Luigi was so excited, thinking about his dream. “Now I'm going to ask both of you to solve a puzzle. A magical puzzle board and it will reward those who solved it”, said the man.

Mario, who has no interest to waste his Christmas eve with this man, asked “Why should we trust you?”. The man laughed out loudly “HAHAHA…”. It was long and horrified loud laugh. After sometime, the man said, “If you want to have a different life than the one you have now, solve this puzzle and you will be get one”. Hearing that, Luigi eagerly started to work on the puzzle named the Plumber and the Donkey Kong!!!. Not to upset his overly excited brother, Mario decided to join Lungi. Both the boys took their time to solve the puzzle. The night passed and the temperature becomes colder. Not noticing all that, the boys concentrated to solve the puzzle. Then, the town hall clock, struck at midnight followed by another very loud deafening sound. The boys looked up to check they surrounding. Then, something strange was happening around the boys. There cloud moved towards the boys and in no time, they boys are covered in thick electrifying cloud. The boys have no idea whether its cloud or smoke and how it happened. The boys could not see anything and the old man is nowhere to be seen.

Mario looked at Lungi and noticed Lungi looked different. He looked at himself and noticed that he is also in new attire. Both brothers stared at each other and the reality set in. They are in the puzzle character. Mario donned an Italian style red color costume and Luigi in green. As the cloud faded away from them, the boys noticed their surroundings. The place is filled with big colorful mushrooms. Mario and Luigi took slow steps to explore the place and noticed a big castle. Walking towards the castle, the boys noticed valley and that they are on top of a hill.

Not knowing where they are and what to do, they boys stood taking the scenery in. Then, a very loud sound roared from distance follows by a loud footstep sound. Startled and scared, the boys stood very close to each other looking at direction of the noise. Then, they saw, someone or something trying to hide behind a mushroom. However, unable to hide, Donkey Kong moved from the mushroom and walked towards the boys.

Taken aback by the donkey, the boys screamed and automatically covered their chest with their hands. Frightened and terrified, the brothers turned away from the donkey and started to run. Along the way, Mario found a hammer made of steel. Turning back, Mario saw, the Donkey Kong was chasing after them.

At this point, turning to look at each other while running away from Donkey Kong, both Mario and Luigi realised that they are the character of the puzzle board game. Running faster, keeping an eye for other items to help them to resolve the puzzle, the boys made a mental promise to each other that they will help each other to solve the puzzle they are in. They have to solve this puzzle and survive the game.

This is my version of origin of Mario and Luigi.

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Mario & Luigi
Mario & Luigi

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