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In the beginning, Joker had a very depressing lifestyle. When he was born, he had a disease that sometimes swelled his throat up, his father had died when working, and his mother had to give him up to his godfather after she had murdered a man. Joker's godfather was abusive to him, he would usually hit Joker if he made a mistake, the small apartment in Gotham wasn't very comfortable either. His school life wasn't much better, he was constantly bullied for being poor, not having parents, and being very introverted, he was nicknamed "Chokie" (due to his disease), He was an awfully shy boy. When he had moved up to high school in Gotham, he had still been bullied. He decided that he would go to a boarding school instead, it was better than living with his godfather. His life was good then, he made friends (his main ones being Kyle, Harold, Bruce, and Waylon), achieved high marks, even met a girl. Then, once he graduated, he moved back to Gotham. He eventually fixed his condition, however, it left him with stitches. He found a good income job in a hospital, found an apartment, and everything was alright.

One day, his godfather came along to ask for money, Joker knowingly refused to give the money, then got into an argument with his godfather. His godfather left when he was told to leave his apartment. That very night, a group of mobsters broke into his house, and kidnapped him. The mobsters brought him into their base, a butcher house, they tied him to a chair and as Joker was waking up, his godfather walked towards him, Joker's godfather asked for his bank details, Joker refused to give them. Joker's godfather kicked Joker's chair over and dragged Joker by the head to the band-saw, the machine started up, Joker started to panic, his godfather opened Joker's mouth and put a little plastic pipe between the roof of Jokers mouth and his tongue, so that Joker couldn't close his mouth. Joker's godfather started moving Joker's mouth closer to the machine, "are you going to tell me", Joker was silent, "well, then in that case". Joker's godfather drove his godson's head towards the machine, and then started to cut into Joker's stitches. Joker started screaming like he had never screamed before, blood was flying everywhere, one of the mobsters vomited, Joker kept screaming, his tears mixing with the blood, his face was being chopped up and the screaming didn't stop. Finally, Joker's godfather stopped cutting. Joker was crying. His godfather dropped Joker onto the floor and told him something he wouldn't forget, "If you happen to tell someone how you got those scars, you lie", then he left.

Joker was on the floor crying and bleeding. He kept crying for that whole night, until he had used all the tears he would cry, shed all the blood he could bleed, he was furious, angry, desperate, he had no idea how he could live like that. Then, he smiled, and laughed a little, then he thought to himself, look at all of those people, they don't even know that I'm here, ruined, a man turned into a monster, then again, I have been ignored for most of my life. I think that that needs to change now, I think that I could really be the one that helps this city out, cures it. So Gotham, let's play a little game, I like to call, catch me if you can...


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