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A lot of people were kind of upset with the depiction of Quicksilver in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035). And it makes sense... it's fair. The character we saw in X-Men was arguably better, but that's still up for debate. Here is some concept art from the movie's creators that you may like a little better than what we got.

Big shout out to the folks over at, who got these directly from Marvel.

Firstly, the version they went with:

Some of the stuff they were experimenting and toying around with looks pretty good, though. Perhaps, better?

This one is somewhat similar to what they went with, but definitely a little different

Here's that fast fool in action

And what you're about to see is, clearly, Quicksilver running extremely fast through space, but with different outfits. Check 'em out, they're all pretty sweet in their own way.

I think he kind of looks like somebody's athletic dad going for a jog in this pic, to be honest

Cool designs on this one... I'm a fan of the silver sleeves too

Another cool design

I like the semi-baseball-ish design in the shirt, this looks like a comfortable fit I might actually wear

This looks like something Jason Statham or the kid from Kingsman might wear, especially with the chain

Euro swag?

So, what's the verdict?



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