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I consider myself somewhat of a seasoned horror veteran. Having sampled some of the most graphically violent movies ever made, I've grown pretty confident in the strength of my own stomach, but even so, after trawling the web to find the most horrifically bloody scenes out there, even I started to get a little light headed.

Challenge the limits of your bloodlust by scrolling below, but prepare yourself - this article gushes more blood than a knife-juggling hemophiliac.

We'll start easy...

Just A Tease

Crimson Mist

A Fresh Splatter

Scalpel Please

A Nasty Gash

Okay, now the tame stuff is out of the way let's up the ante with one of the most excruciating bloodbaths I've ever endured...

Lawrence Gordon hacking his own foot off with a blunt saw:

Savage Shanking

Right Through the Jugular

Feeling Light Headed Yet?

Scissor Slice

How are you coping - still with me?

Let's continue with some scarlet barf...

One Less Digit

Socket Squash

Crimson Shower

Feeling Quesy?

Slice and Dice

Lend Me A Hand

Bloodbath connoisseur Quentin Tarantino used over 450 gallons of fake blood in Kill Bill.

Let's take a look at where most of that went:

A Bloody Nightmare

Chainsaw Massacre

You made it!

Don't feel bad if you had to stop at any point - let me know in the comments how far you got. Now go clean yourself up.


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