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Katrina Stagg

If you're like me, you love Disney. And if you love Disney, you're all too familiar with the iconic princesses who got their start with "The Mouse."

Cinderella has her slipper. Snow White has her dwarves. Favorites for sure, but not what you might call "badass."

Frozen's Elsa had some pretty amazing magic. And Brave's Merida has a nifty shot with the bow and we're talking.

But what if Disney had taken it one step further? What if they gave (animated) life to perhaps the meanest, bravest, baddest "princess" pop culture ever gave us?

I'm talking of course about Xena: The Warrior Princess. And if the awesome designs below are any indication, Disney absolutely NEEDS to make this happen!

Check out the awesome - and very Disney-like - fan art from Nayyonaise, courtesy Tumblr.

Source: The Mary Sue


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