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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Man, to be an avid comic-book and action figure collector nowadays is to live in an existence filled with treats. Like The Simpsons' fifth "Treehouse of Horror" episode, where the rain is comprised of donuts. Too much awesome choice.

Like the impending eighth series of The Walking Dead action figures. I wouldn't even know which character to take home with me, they're all so brilliant. Actually, no I'd take home Carol, and you'll see why in a minute.

The latest line of McFarlane figurines contains a bunch of characters from AMC's The Walking Dead, both alive and deceased, with Tyreese, Bob, Dale, Eugene, a super bearded Rick, Morgan and Carol coming along for the, erm, fun.

Now, remember when Carol, the absolute badass that she is, mounted a one-woman attack on Terminus in Season 5? Well, McFarlane Toys have recreated that immense image with the Carol figurine which comes ready with a poncho splattered in walker gore, a muddied face and casual assault rifle. What a gal!

How gross and badass is that? Tyreese's figurine, unfortunately for him, comes with a "swappable arm piece" and his trusty hammer. And for all you walker fans, a pack containing a walker, a blood splattered Morgan and a spike trap to impale said walker on. How's that for a deal?

The iteration of The Walking Dead action figures will be shuffling into stores this October.

(Source: Toy Ark)


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