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Nope, those aren't the hyper-realistic graphics from the next Grand Theft Auto game - that's an actual real life recreation of the notoriously violent video game franchise, created by the incredibly talented vojta paul!

If you're wondering how the heck they were able to replicate the early games' distinctive top-down camera perspective, it was done using an overhead drone that followed the perfectly orchestrated ground-based action.

Before we take a closer look at the epic video, take a look at some mayhem-filled gameplay taken from the actual game (GTA 2) below:

Ahh, I remember those highly disorientating birds-eye-view days. How times have changed...

Anyway, enough of my wistful nostalgia - on to what you came here for!

GTA In Real Life!

Like every classic GTA rampage story, we begin with a simple car-jacking. Things can only escalate from here...

The real life human player picks up some heat from a violent gang. Luckily most car windows are immune to pixel explosions.

In a valiant bid to escape the POPO he heads off-piste and into the woods...

When he encounters a rather belligerent ground of crimson-adorned thugs. Suffice to say, things get a little messy.

I'll let you discover the rest of this awesome creation in full below:

How about a street-level GTA V recreation next time?!

[Source: Youtube]


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