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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Atlus Games, famous for the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona video game franchises have recently released a new trailer for their upcoming entry into the Attack On Titan universe with their latest game Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains.

Already long released in Japan as AoT: The Last Wings of Mankind, the Nintendo 3DS game tells the story of the last few remnants of human society, who dwell within heavily walled cities in order to protect themselves and their society against giant, people munching beasts.

Humanity in Chains will feature a solo mode, where you take on Titans alone, obviously...and 4 player co-op, where you're not so alone amidst the battle, but maybe kind of alone depending on the skill level of your teammates.

Check out the trailer:

And here's the original Japanese trailer for good measure:

(Source: Geek Tyrant)


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