ByMichelle Siouty, writer at

Do you ever feel like a badass fighter, ready to battle the monsters with your supernatural abilities?

I feel that way all the time. Even when I'm lounging in my sweats shoving pizza down my gullet. I can get ready to fight in the blink of an eye.

Cosplayer Aelirenn created this stunning Witcher cosplay and even constructed the leather corset herself.

The chainmail was made by legitimate historical costume makers. She looks phenomenal, like a real hunter ready to defeat monsters at any cost.

Check out more from her wicked photoshoot below:

Ready for the Fight

I Dare a Monster to Approach Her

Weapons Ready to Go!

Supernaturally Stunning

Anyone know how I can get in touch with Aelirenn and ask her if I could borrow this outfit? Because DAMN! She looks fierce and strong. I wouldn't mind borrowing a weapon or two as well.


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