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It's safe to say that Netflix has churned out some incredible—even revolutionary—content since they started releasing original programming. From

Orange Is the New Black to Daredevil the streaming service leads the way in what we want to binge watch, and it looks like the latest entry will follow suit.

Sense8 is a science fiction drama that the Wachowski siblings have been shopping around for years, and it's finally making its way to the screen. It's so imminent, that the trailer was released this week, and it looks absolutely phenomenal.

Let's take a closer look at what the trailer for Sense8 promises to deliver.

Across the globe, there are 8 individuals known as Sensates


Though strangers from distinct cultures, these special men and women find themselves psychically and emotionally connected.

They can feel and see each other, even when they are separated by distance


Jonas, played by Lost's Naveen Andrews, is there to bring them together and help them understand this new ability.

They begin to feel each other's emotions and to utilize each other's abilities


As Sensates, they can access each other's knowledge, language, and skills, allowing them to be eight parts of one whole self.

They're new abilities have not gone unnoticed

Jonas warns them that they will be hunted down by a man named Mr. Whispers who either wants to assassinate or capture them for unknown reasons.

They must work together to survive

And, ultimately, to discover what presumably technological force caused this major evolutionary leap.

(At first, I saw some flak for this scene on account of the visible wires and cameraman. It's not a flaw, however, since this character is Lito, a famous Mexican actor, performing a scene)

Each episode will focus on one character and their story, and all will be available on June 5th.


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