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There's nothing to be scared about we are perfectly normal just like any straight couple its just some of us either like the same gender or like both gender some people feel like they're in the wrong body and that is a transgender and they're the people who get bullied to most out of lgbt+ caus people don't understand us and they do like things they can't understand . also people don't know the difference between lesbian and bisexual and trans and pansexual and all that which is why I'm going to talk to u about it so people get a better understanding of us.

Lesbians are females who like and date other females.

Gay is the male version of that where males date males.

Bisexuals are people like me who date both guys and girls but not at the same time cause even if we date a guy and then date a girl at the same time it is still cheating.

Transgender is where u are a guys mind but in a girl's body so you feel mentally like a guy and they tend to dress in male clothes. You should always we the right names like he him or the name he likes to be called. Same with girls who are in a guy's body you call them she, her or the name she has gave herself.

Pansexual is where u date males, females, trans,bi lesbians, gays and other pansexuals.

Little tip NEVER ever call and trans person the wrong gndr o name o someone or to their face out of spite the will not be to happy and its classed as bulling and no on likes to get bullied take it from me. Bulling is the worst thing u can do to someone cause u may not effect them physically but u won't know what is happening mentally an u could be damaging the mentally so they get depressed and eventually u could be the one who leads them to and early end and that is the point u never want to get to cause it would be your fault so just don't do bullying an u you are someone getting bullue you are not alone I get bullied and personally it got better when I told someone and now its getting dealt with but I need to go in to counciling because my depression has worried some of the teachers.


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