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There's just something about a good horror film that simultaneously leaves you wanting more, and sobbing for your mommy. You might be curled up into a ball and peering at the screen through your fingers, but you still have to see how that final climactic scene pans out, no matter how terrifying.

While there have been many fantastic horror films over the years that have achieved that feeling of wanting to tear your eyes away but needing to see how it ends, it takes a truly great franchise to do that time after time.

The Insidious saga is releasing its third installment on June 5th with the long awaited [Insidious: Chapter 3](tag:1117428), the petrifying prequel to the first two films. To celebrate the film's release, in true horror fan fashion we've created a little challenge for all those who deem themselves worthy: can you make it to the end of the article without breaking one of the rules? We'll soon find out...

Unfortunately for you, we're starting off with a bang and the first challenge may be enough to break you on its own: Can you get through the entire trailer for Insidious: Chapter 3 without breaking the rules? I doubt it, but give it a try anyway:

Well, now that you've made it through to the other side of that scare-fest, get ready to experience the terror all over again with the scariest moments from the whole Insidious franchise, remember the rules, and we'll see you at the bottom:

1. Don't look under the bed...

This ain't your average clichéd horror film - you've gotta keep your eyes everywhere if you want to escape these demons.

2. Smile like you mean it

Be very, very still.

3. Don't... Look... Down

You never know what's waiting for you under the ledge.

4. What's lurking in the shadows?

Something gives me the feeling that that torch won't be shining for too much longer.

5. What kind of baby are you monitoring?

It's probably just static, right?

6. Repeat after me: "this is just a nightmare"

Your bed is no safe haven when a herd of demons are after you.

7. Are you afraid of the dark?

When you sleep, you're easy prey.

8. These brittle bones ain't made for walking

You can feel all those snaps, cracks and splinters with every forward movement...

9. A picture is worth a thousand demons

Things aren't always what they seem, in this age when we have cameras on everything you'd better be careful who you snap a picture of...

10. It's behind you...

When you least suspect it, it will appear.

11. Look, don't touch

Whatever is underneath that cloth doesn't want to stay hidden for much longer.

Well, how did you do?

Are you a hardened horror warrior, or are you just a scaredy cat? Tell me which GIF made you wince the hardest in the comments below, and be sure to catch Insidious: Chapter 3 when it hits theaters on June 5th.


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