ByCarlitos Fermaint Concepcion, writer at
Carlitos Fermaint Concepcion

People dont understand that now-a-days you only get to see Class-C horror movies, and I dont mean theyre all bad movies but really? Slender man? The Wicker man? As above so below? I mean theyre not as good as they used to be in the 80's or maybe even 90's. One of the movies that always stood in my mind was the Howling franchise, great suspence and horror as we now it, the first one was really good and the second one was alright, but the Howling 3 "the Marsupials", thats the one that caught my full attention, I loved it, I mean, really? 3 werewolf nun's walking around, a new breed is being loose and some great transformations will make you feel that this film needs to be remade as soon as possible, but that wasnt the one that scared the shit out of me, the howling 5 "the rebirth" was made in 1989 and it changes the story of the earlier films, I love the fact that theres a creppie old hungarian castle in Budapest and you get a bunch of "high class" people and one if them is a werewolf, plus the little music that plays everytime someone is killed. I just love it. So im looking forward to this "remake" because im a huge Howling fan and I demand a great film, it would be disrespectfull not to do it, but even more to do it wrong. I hope it goes to the theaters, its the only way ill know its something good for real, because the last howling was really a waist of time!!!


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