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Who should play Nightwing? That was the topic of an argument between my brother and me last weekend. I, like most people stated my case for actors such as Steven R. McQueen, Milo Ventiniglia, Matt Bomher etc. My brother a self proclaimed "comic-book connoisseur" was better prepared for the argument as he used Richard Grayson's looks, personality, skills and history to state his case. Tough it pains me to say this because after "Magic Mike" I loved the idea of seeing Bomher in tights but, I now believe that the best and most logical choice for Nightwing is British actor Jon Foo. You're probably thinking "Who?" like I did but, he's rather famous everywhere outside of the US.

1. Looks

Jon Foo looks like the love child of Orlando Bloom and Robin Thicke. As a woman I can tell all you guys out there that they are arguably two of the most handsome men on the planet. He also has a well chiseled muscular body making him a walking wet dream.

Jon Foo Looks like Orlando Bloom and Robin Thicke
Jon Foo Looks like Orlando Bloom and Robin Thicke

Ok so he's a hottie but, does he look like Nightwing? YES he totally does!

He looks so much like the character that Bruce Timm might want to sue.

Jon Foo looks like Nightwing
Jon Foo looks like Nightwing
Jon Foo looks like Richard Grayson aka Dick Grayson
Jon Foo looks like Richard Grayson aka Dick Grayson

2. Personality

Since this was my first time hearing of Jon Foo I decided to watch some of his work and I felt like I was watching the Young Justice and Batman vs Robin Dick Grayson is real life. Jon Foo not only kicks butt, he's a wiseass with a smart mouth who cracks jokes while beating his opponents and always gets the girl even when he's being completely aloof. His voice is eerily similar to the voice from the cartoons which was another pleasant surprise.

Who should play Nightwing - Jon Foo
Who should play Nightwing - Jon Foo

3. Skills

Jon Foo is an Expert World Class Black Belt Martial artist with Nightwing like agility. In other words, he's a total badass. Here are some pictures and a video to show you what I mean. Jon Foo is also a trained Ariel performer and gymnast like Dick Grayson.

Who Should Play Nightwing - Jon Foo
Who Should Play Nightwing - Jon Foo

4. Fighting Ability

--- Fun Facts ---

He was in Batman Begins (Fought Bale)

Played the Lead Role Tekken

Was a key member of Jakie Chan's Stunt Team

4. Acting

This is where I expected to win the argument but ultimately lost.

Jon Foo has just as much acting experience as the actors I mentioned above and in some cases more. Unfortunately for Jon Foo, most people only know him from the low budget films and shorts he stared in earlier in his career but, I believe that if given the chance, Jon Foo would surprise everyone as he surprised me.

5. The Fans

While Steven R McDreamy and Matt Bomher are famous and well known in the US, Jon Foo is far more known outside of the US and would bring a cult like following to the Character. For those of you questioning how I came to this conclusion; Vampire Diaries and White Collar don't air in places like Brazil, China, The Majority of Europe, Africa etc but somehow Jon Foo movies do.

It's a simple choice:


If you want a teen drama with lots of teen angst, scenes of Nightwing crying, whining and lots of mushiness like Dawson's Creek --- then you'd want McDreamy McQueen and Bomher.


If you want the real life version of the Nightwing character in the comics, Arkham Games and the cartoons --- Jon Foo is your guy.

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