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Olivia Paige Smith

Yellow melted into red, almost forgetting orange, as the sun glistened into the horizon. A mild wind whistled past the new leaves and baby buds growing on the trees. It was much appreciated by two figures leaning against the heavy trunk at the end of this blistering day. One was a young man with dark stubble framing his face, a single scar showed prominently down the side of his left eye. Those eyes were as black as onyx and had seen too much evil. He flicked a lock of dark hair out his eye and focused his attention to the woman in his arms.

“Are you ready Zara?”

The youthful woman smiled back at him. On her face the evidence of her life showed through the creases which normally only bother the aged. Her chestnut hair was scrapped back fast only empathising her prominent cheekbones. Despite the signs of sadness her jade eyes twinkled with joy, brightening her whole face.

“Only one more job Dave. Then we’re free,” she whispered softly. Pulling her in tighter, Dave moved in for an embrace. Both jumped up revealing their black attire and continued to put dark masked on. Staying deep in the shadows of the falling sun, they made their way towards the building. All glowed crimson.


Deep in the building, down by the chilled basements, Dave grabs viles and places them carefully in the bag Zara held open. Zara tried to grab a quick look at what fell into the bag. She never knew what they was taking or who from. It was always some murky vault concealed the every man. When Dave had found her alone and used, she doubted she could ever return to any cellar again but Dave's security granted her courage she never knew lived within her.
It's just and means to an end.
Deep in her thoughts she wanted to escape this hell.
This is the last one.
They've stolen from wealthier and more perilous men. She wouldn't ask why they would pay so much for this seemingly easy task since most items were needed for wars and battles in lands far away from her dream life. Then all glared scarlet.

It took all the fight she had to keep those lips tight and resist screaming. Men bathed in a red glow shot by the door until one entered to investigate. He was a large man with arms which seems larger than trees. Dave never gave him a change to show his strength and with a quick click of his gun the giant fell. Zara held herself tight.
They would have heard. They're coming.
Five minutes later all was still quite. Slowly door creaked. The air was thick and the suspense was palpable.

"You shouldn't be here," croaked a small voice. Shaking, a short man peaked round the corner.

"I'm sorry." Two gun shots. One scream.

Tears in her eyes, Zara came forth to comfort her lover. In her haste she forgot her bag and the contents emptied violently, shattering on the toughened floor. Dreams of a thatched cottage away from the bustle of life disappeared. Children that never walked were killed. A circle of red spread through Dave's abdomen. Zara took his weight with his arm round her neck and attempted to move him away from the cellar.

"We're all dead," the little red man muttered to himself as they stumbled past him.


Zara rested on Dave's chest. It had stopped moving up and down hours ago but how could she leave him here alone? The morning sun was now peaking it head over the hills. Tears refused to fall from her eyes. Dark sky's merged with the suns light and crimson consumed all. She held the punishing gun up to herself. As her fingers gripped the trigger she froze. Dave opened his eyes.

The red light spread.


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