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This is the fictional origin story for the origin contest currently being held on MoviePilot and it is for the main character in Interstellar known as Cooper.

Cooper (second name unknown) is the father of 2 who lives with his previous wife's father. Interstellar the movie starts straight away with little origin and provides us with a small flash-back of a flight going wrong. What happened that flight? Who was/is his wife? Keep reading below to find out!

Part 1: The Flight

The video you see above is at the start of the movie and it shows around 30 seconds of Coop in a modern looking aircraft that seems to be in trouble and Cooper requests more power to maybe steer this ship to safety. Ultimately, it looks like he gets knocked out and indeed he does, but more on that later.

What is he doing in the first place? Well, he is working with NASA on a very important mission that he doesn't quite know about. All he was told to do is to spin and navigate around the world and in his head it seemed harmless and like a training exercise, but what he didn't know is that he was providing a test drive for the ship that they would eventually see on the endurance (see below).

NASA knew that the world would plummet in to a food crisis and after much brain-storming and many arguments they realized that the only possible option to carry out would be to leave Earth. They built the Ranger which is the aircraft seen above and they needed to test drive it and so they asked their 'best' pilot Cooper.

Before the test flight Cooper was out of action at NASA for 4 months because of family troubles at home which I will delve in to later but as soon as he heard about this mission from some co-workers at NASA he yearned to become part of it. When he got to NASA that day he realized that dozens of his former workers were not there.. He was told that they had to be 'let go' for financial reasons but in truth they left when they were told the idea of leaving earth on a one-way journey to a different planet. They were disgusted about the idea and so they all left furiously. Word didn't get out to Coop and so when he went back to work, all the people that were left were people that were for the idea of Interstellar travel. They debriefed him and lied to him saying that he would be circulating the earth to see if ozone layers are intact and if O2 levels had dropped, standard procedures. They knew they couldn't pitch the idea of Interstellar travel so early because they knew he would run away like the other pilots. That's why later in the movie when Professor Brand calls him they "best pilot they ever had" he is simply feeding his ego so he will do the mission.

This was a bad idea for NASA though because Coop was, at this time, very angry and frustrated about his family problems and so he was a loose cannon. The mission was going fine until Coop started going faster than he needed to, he blew an engine and started spiraling down and being the mess he was at the time he requested more power in the aircraft so he could blow himself up on a suicide mission of pure depression. The command center doesn't allow it and he lands okay. When he lands he is told that his damage to The Ranger is enough to put NASA out of business (which was a lie). Hence begins his new life.

Part 2: Home Life

Coop had a typical American life. He lived in a nice housing estate after being brought up as a farm boy and lived with his daughter Murph, his son Tom and his wife Gina. They lived a nice happy life. Coop was a mechanic at the local garage and Gina was a teacher in the local high school. This was in the year 2019 when Murph was just 10 months old and and Tom was 7 years old.

Their dream life took a turn for the worst in November 2019 when the rumors of the Earths food resources came to be true. The Scarles family (as their surname was) were hit with a real hunger struggle. Corn was the only thing they could eat which was very tiresome to make easy for baby Murph. Gina Scarles was notified that she was pregnant and 6 weeks in. She worried everyday what they would do when it was born because of the state the world was in.

January 2020, Gina was told that her mother Lynn was on her dying bed from being diagnose with a deadly form of lung cancer. The Scarles family knew that they should move in with Gina's family for a number of reasons: 1. It was away from the minor riots that happened in the city centre. 2. Cooper could help out on the farm with Gina's dad Donald and 3. It was necessary for Gina to be with her mother for her dying days.

A couple of months passed by and by April 2020, Gina's mother passed away which really gave her a blight of depression. At this time, Coop decided to take a break from work at NASA to be with his wife. Still, food was not well and with Gina not eating due to depression she got inconsolable, nobody could talk to her. Ultimately she ended up taking her own life one Sunday afternoon in May which was found by a shocked and lifeless Donald (Gina's dad) after he was done attending to the corn. The kids were at school but Coop was downstairs and didn't notice it happen. Their world was shook upside-down. Cooper and Donald were honest people and so they told a young Tom how his mother really died. They never really did get over the loss of Gina and in some ways Donald blames Coop for her death. He has nowhere else to point his anger and Coop is an easy choice.

Three years pass and things are different in the residence. The house is quite bare without the influence of both Gina and her mother. The farm is still attended by Coop and Donald. The plight of food is still present and very worrying but they make by on the corn. Coop and Donald get along much better after realizing how much they have in common. Donald often jokes about how Gina had great choice in her husband but that is all that is said of Gina as they prefer not to mention her in front of Tom and Murphy.

Cooper was not in good shape to do proper work but he still went to NASA to do that mission to him that they lied about. As soon as he was fired he stayed home full-time and gradually became happier again seeing his children develop exactly as he wanted. Murphy loved astronomy and was very intelligent whilst Tom was a great farmer in the making, the two sides of Cooper Scarles.

Fast forward five years to 2025 and we have our present day, right where the movie starts off. Cooper is still haunted about the crash because he put people in danger because of his own problems. He is awoken and suddenly happy to see the love of his live Murphy standing in front of him. He is fully better in terms of morale and life is good for the family. But then, as you know, NASA comes back for him. He is the only pilot with experience that could possibly pull off the Endurance mission.

**BONUS** Part 3: Post-movie events

The ending offers us a glimmer of hope. Cooper is alive and young and leaves Cooper station after seeing a dying, happy Murphy who is almost triple his age. He could stay on Cooper Station and live the rest of his life there but Coop is an explorer. His daughter has died a hero, his son never made it to Cooper Station and died on Earth with his family. All Cooper has left is Brand (Anne Hathaway). He hijacks an aircraft and starts to look for Brand. He has Tars alongside him with 100% honesty and 90%. Cooper knows that the only way he can get back to Edmund's planet (where Brand is) is to go back through Gargantua.

He spends almost a year aimlessly looking for Gargantua but it is nowhere to be found. He starts to lose hope because he is in the middle of space with no glimmer of hope and his only pal is TARS. Morale is weakened for Coop. "Should I take the long nap?" He asks TARS. "Can I have your stuff when you do?" TARS replies jokingly. "Alright, let's put that humor setting down to about 60 percent, TARS" Coop responds. He packs his things, puts the Ranger in to auto-pilot and as he's about to tell TARS goodnight, he notices and rapid flashing light from outside the aircraft. "What is it TARS?". He is quickly answered when TARS notices "It's a beacon, sir. Looks like one from the Endurance.". There is an alarm in Cooper's Ranger and a voice automated question asks: "Permission to lock on and return to Dr. Brand, Cooper?". Immediately without hesitation Cooper shouts yes with every bit of desperation he has. "Destination: Edmund's Planet a.k.a Brand's Earth. Estimated Time of Arrival: Two years and 146 days." Cooper laughs at the announcement to hear she named the planet Brand's Earth. He re-packs his things for when he gets there and sets himself for a sleep for the required time.

Eventually, Brand wakes up Cooper as he arrived 2 days earlier than expected. Brand's planet is excellent. 28 men and women from Cooper Station went on a mission to inhibit Brand's Earth to help with rebuilding civilization. There is plenty of water and growth and also 17 toddlers. Every year Brand creates embryos depending on how many adults are there. Brand found a new love there, but Cooper isn't jealous. He settles well and tells everybody about his amazing story and how he is the great Murph Scarles' father.

The End

Thanks for reading! Well done for getting this far, I hope you enjoyed it! Leave you're comments below and follow my page too!


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