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So Prometheus 2... who's looking forward to it?

It seems Prometheus is one of the most unfocused and confused properties circulating in Hollywood today. I would like to have complete conviction in saying that, but unfortunately, DC are doing their utmost to prove me wrong.

Prometheus 2 is just one of those projects that everyone has silently agreed has to happen. Because the first film blasted through the gates with such gusto and promise, no one wants to accept how much of a dud it really was, and it would be far too embarrassing to just deem the entire idea a failure. It's like a fart you don't want to admit to, so you just walk away whistling a dandy tune. So it's sequel time! Let's repent for the sins the internet has pushed on to us, for the only reason Prometheus 2 is being made is out of some bizarre mutated dignity... oh yeah and money.

With so many sequels floating around that have fans set to tear open their wallets, Prometheus 2 seems to be the only one that's just kind of happening. Rumours have been supplied to those with a genuine curiosity, so let's go through each of these and ask, just what are they thinking?

Black Goo! Black Goo for Everyone!

Prometheus explained: The black goo did it!
Prometheus explained: The black goo did it!

Black goo is one of the more ingenious narrative devices to grace Hollywood in recent years. It can be anything you want! It can be a DNA altering bio-weapon if you go by Prometheus. It can be the manifestation of evil spirits if you go by all anime ever. It could even be black goo! Black goo is always more exciting in movies too. Tar and crude oil are so boring, and they taste horrible!

If these rumours are anything to go by, the producers are carrying the most mocked element of the first film over to Prometheus 2. It's less a case of sticking to the iconography propagated prior, and more one of "wait wait we can make this black goo thing make sense just bear with us a little longer, please, PLEASE!"

Aliens but not Aliens Who Are Actually Aliens

Not many people noticed this subtle reference.
Not many people noticed this subtle reference.

The moment at the very end of Prometheus when the little xenomorph bursts out of the engineer and shows off it's little tongue-mouth thingy is the most pandering cynical thing ever. It's also probably the best moment in the film. The lead up to prometheus was littered with declarations that it had Aliens in it and that it didn't have Aliens in it and yeah we're in for the same thing again.

The reports state that Prometheus 2 will contain "new monsters that aren't xenomorphs", which doesn't convince me of anything other than them probably being xenomorphs. People who liked the fan pandering last time need not worry. In all likelihood, HR Geiger will continue to haunt us from the grave.

The Engineers Didn't Create Us

Turns out a stunt double got his head ripped off!
Turns out a stunt double got his head ripped off!

BOOM! Now the entire expedition of Prometheus is completely pointless instead of just mostly. All those scientists died in vain, even though they died in vain anyway on account of being stupid enough to go poking around vases of black goo and touching clearly malicious penis-looking creatures. Allegedly, the Engineers will be revealed as a subset of some greater force in space. This probably means more chasing of vaguely philosophical concepts and making the quest for human meaning somehow boring. That's a far cry from the general gist of the Alien films, which boil down to "oh no, thing want's to eat you. Don't let the thing eat you."

Allegedly, the story of Prometheus 2 will consist of several plot threads, with at least one on Earth and one concerning the fates of Shaw and David (sorry, David's head) on the Engineer home world. It will be less a quest for answers and more discovering the hierarchy of creation. So basically we're getting space gods and I'm not an Alien fan anymore. I've always loved the Alien universe, for it was never shoved in the audiences face, and had to be slowly dissected like a great big scary puzzle. Apparently, we can't have that anymore because Ridley Scott wants to shoot more big things.


Let's just hope Neill Blomkamp can make Alien 5 soon enough and well enough that it makes everyone realise just how directionless and futile Prometheus really was. Other than that... can't wait!


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