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This post is for the Moviepilot contest where I need to create an origin story for a character. I have decided to do Phil Coulson's origin story!

In the Avengers, we are shown the man behind the scenes in all of the movies. Phil Coulson.

When he first shows up in Iron Man, we don't know that this man is going to be a crucial point in future movies. He is just an agent.

Where did Phil Coulson come from though? How did he make it to this point? This is where I come in. I am here to tell you my story of Phil's beginning.

So where did he come from?

Let me take you to a little apartment in Brooklyn. Inside sits a skinny little boy, his nose stuck in a book. Unlike most nine year olds, instead of a comic book or magazine, this boy is reading a history book.

His mother walks in and shakes her head. "Still reading about him, are you dear?"

The boy nods his head, not looking up from his book. "Phillip, how about you put it away for now? You need to finish your homework."

Phillip looks up from his book sadly, but follows what his mother says. "Mama, I want to be just like him when I grow up." "Like Captain America?" "Yes, I want to be like him, strong and brave."

His mother smiles, and walks out as Phillip starts his homework.

At school, little Phillip Coulson was the same there as he was at home. While the other boys played cowboys and bandits, Phillip made up missions for himself and his hero to go on. His Captain America action figure always rode in his backpack. During recess, he became Phil Coulson, the spy. Most boys made fun of him, but some would come and listen to his stories. Phillip would gladly show them his Captain America cards.

One day, his soldier father came home with sad news. He was being deployed to Korea. Phillip Coulson gave him his Captain America action figure. "To keep you safe, Dad." His father hugged him close, and gave him another Captain America card to add to his collection.

Coulson always kept these close, since this was the last time he saw his father.

Coulson's Captain America cards in The Avengers
Coulson's Captain America cards in The Avengers

How did he get started at S.H.I.E.L.D.?

After studying hard in school, 1998 found Coulson an agent in the CIA. He only had a desk job, but he decided it was the closest he could get to ever being like his childhood hero.

Finally, around 2007, a field assignment came across his desk and he jumped on the opportunity. A strange thing had happened in a lab and the other agents blew it off. Coulson's superior decided to send him to go and clean up.

Phillip was ecstatic about finally getting to leave his home behind a desk and getting his hands dirty.

Upon arriving at the facility, he found that there were already agents there, but he did not recognize them. They were messing with his crime scene and this did not sit well with him.

He stood, fuming at what was going on. Searching, Coulson finally noticed a tall, bald man that looked like he was giving the orders. He walked straight up to the man and tapped him on the shoulder. The man turned and looked quizzically at the short man in front of him.

"May I help you?"

When the man turned, Coulson saw that the man only had one eye, but the eyepatch didn't even make him blink.

"What are you doing on my crime scene?"

"Your crime scene?"

"Yes, I am an agent of the CIA and I demand you tell me what you are doing here."

"Well, Coulson," says the man, looking at Coulson's badge. "What happened here is a matter for my division. Not yours."


The man looks carefully at Coulson, weighing his options. He sees that Coulson is stronger than the other agents he had ever come across. He may be useful.

"I am Nick Fury. We are the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division."

"Never heard of you."

Fury laughs and places his hand on Coulson's shoulder.

"Well, come with me, and I'll tell you."


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