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So exactly how did The @Joker get his scars??? im confused?

In the movie he told 2 stories about how he got his scars on his cheeks. One was his dad was a drunk and did it to him and the other he stuck a razor blade in his mouth because of his wife or something like that....

So which is right and why did he tell 2 different stories, was he just trying to scare people and made them up???

Someone says no one know the name of the joker. Its jack napier.. and the joker with scars has only been in one movie and it never reveals that he doesn't remember.. Since this is the only time the joker with scars has been seen the only information you can get is the information in the new movie. In the old joker his skin is bleached white, lips red, hair green and he is forced to smile because he fell in a vat of chemicals in different ways in diferent movies. The joker is my favorite villain and i've done my research..

It s unclear how The Joker got his scars and it doesn t reveal his past but I think it mirrors his emotional and physical stability. The fact he mentions a new story every time is to show his instability or it could show that he doesn t care because after all he said he s only there to create anarchy and play with Batman..

I don't know exactly where he got the scars, but i can answer why he tells multiple stories.

Both of the stories have some truth in them, or at least to the Joker they do. The writers were trying to show that his mental instability caused him to have many different ideas of his past, as if he were Schizophrenic. It was to portray the joker as a mentally unreliable character.

Like everyone say there's different stories but my favorite is the doll maker. He kidnapped kids and makes dolls out of there skin. One of the kids was name Jack. The doll maker was cutting Jacks face starting with his mouth. A young rookie Jim Gordon saves him in time but sad to say Jack has his mouth all cut up. Now for being with the doll maker for so long and what the doll maker did to him and last kids making fun of his scars over the years of his childhood that did not help him at all. Now Jack is in his teens all ready mest up in the head people look at him strange and some point and laugh at him that set him off on a killing rampage. The police of course get Jack and send him to a well know asylum. While Jack is there he falls in to tank of chemicals. He escapes in hatch in the bottom of the tank. He falls out of a pipe in some lake swims to the near by edge. As he is crawling out with his skin white and hair all green he starts laughing and becomes the joker that we all love..

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