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I've watched tons of horror movies, it's my favorite genre, so a horror blog just seems to make sense
Shad Allen Scott

So we've got reviews, a few throwback video reviews every once and awhile, and suggestions on newer movies that I don't own. It's now time to add 'Your Moment of Rage' to that list.

Your Moment of Rage is simple. Because people on the internet love hearing trash talk more than they like hearing someone talk about their favorite thing (unless their favorite thing are baby animals, that stuff gets a LOT of traction), I'm starting this new feature to meet that demand. Every week (sometimes more than once a week if I'm feeling particularly perturbed) I'll choose something that pisses me off or just rubs me the wrong way, I'll write about it, you'll read it. Simple right? Yeah...simple.


A guy who believes too much in his opinions

PS: One of these sections is going to be on the 'tagging' system when it comes to publishing an article on Moviepilot. Because it REALLY pisses me off.


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