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A strange thing happened on the way to the Marvel and Sony reboot of Spider-Man - before the groundbreaking deal went through there were plans for a Sinister Six/Spider-Man movie to happen. Likely, this was going to be Sony's plan to do an in-house Spider-Man reboot of sorts, testing the waters on whether or not they would want to go all in on an Amazing Spider-Man 3 or scrap it altogether. Then, when the Spidey deal went down, Sony was still looking at the Sinister Six movie as a viable option though they announced they were planning on postponing it until after the Marvel/Sony Spider-Man co-production.

Daredevil's Cabin in the Woods

At the heart of the Sinister Six movie was Drew Goddard. A former colleague of Joss Whedon (the two wrote Cabin in the Woods, which Goddard directed), Drew Goddard was deeply involved with Sony's Spider-Man future, so much so that he left Marvel's Daredevil show after creating the show and writing the early episodes to work on developing Spider-Man's future. Has that turned out to be all for nothing for Goddard?

Goddard's Daredevil isn't enough for Spider-Man.
Goddard's Daredevil isn't enough for Spider-Man.

Not long ago, the reports from reliable sources like The Hollywood Reporter had Drew Goddard moving from the Sinister Six to the Spider-Man reboot - which made sense and had many fans looking forward to see what the Cabin in the Woods director and writer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Alias and Lost would bring to Spider-Man. But new reports - possibly only to be considered rumors at this point - have Goddard being ousted from the directors chair of the new Spider-Man reboot as Deadline has a list of new contenders that are being considered for the job by Marvel and Sony.

Spider-Man Director Shortlist

The list is comprised of five (or six to be precise) directors who have worked primarily in the indie-comedy genre: Jonathan Levine (50/50 and Warm Bodies); Ted Melfi (St. Vincent), Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect), John Francis Daley & Jonathan M. Goldstein (the new Vacation sequel/reboot), and Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre and the upcoming Masterminds). Yes, not one word about Drew Goddard in the Deadline report. Unfortunately for him, it would seem that in the transition from Sony, Marvel has decided to start with a completely clean slate. It looks like it could be some bad timing for him - with pal Joss Whedon having little sway over there as he reaches the end of his contract.

Warm Bodies' Jonathan Levine made Spider-Man's list
Warm Bodies' Jonathan Levine made Spider-Man's list

The report also adds that there could be a Harry Potter influenced structure in place that Sony and Marvel want to see play out - a three to four picture arc that would cover his years at high school. This sounds a bit odd to me. While they are obviously looking at a high school aged (or looking - rumored frontrunner Asa Butterfield is already 18 years old) actor to play Peter Parker - surely whoever they find isn't going to start showing their age over the time it takes to make four Spider-Man movies. Daniel Radcliffe was like 12 years old or something in the first Harry Potter movie. Or maybe they will be crazy ambitious in getting these movies out in rapid succession? Maybe I'm just resistant to this idea since I still would rather see Peter Parker working the beat for the Daily Bugle.

What do you think? Who would you like to see step into the role of directing the new Spider-Man movie? The only one that strikes me as a good replacement would be 50/50 and Warm Bodies director Jonathan Levine who has shown a good knack for comedy as well as showing that he has some strong roots in genre material. Let us know your choice in the comments below!


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