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I know this topic may be considered 'controversial', but it's something that's been playing on my mind a while, so I thought I would share it. Just to be clear, I am a profound Christian, so everything I say is in no offence, and anything I do say that may be offensive is purely in jest. It's kinda my job and a daily habit to find elements of my faith in the most unlikely places. And I promise, I won't preach at you. So, lets get right to it.

Aren't all superheros a bit like Jesus?

Jesus could be considered the ultimate superhero, believe in him or not, what the Bible says about him is pretty damn awesome; he wanted to save the world, he had miraculous powers and did the classic comic book move of coming back to life!

Top bloke. Give the fella a biscuit..
Top bloke. Give the fella a biscuit..

But Tom, surly the most 'Jesus-like' superhero is Superman?

Well, reader, you are right! Why aren't I talking about Superman? The first comic book superhero? The superhero that all others are based off? The bloke who literally came from the sky, grew up as a human and when he was old enough, revealed his true powers and used them to save and protect people.

Just imagine this conversation.
Just imagine this conversation.

Lets talk Mermaid Man... I mean Aquaman.

So, yeah, if we're talking how superheros are a bit like Jesus then all of them fit in somewhere, but personally, I think Aquaman is pretty damn close.

Not this Aquaman.
Not this Aquaman.

So, over the course of Aquaman's comic book run, his origin has been told in drips over the last 70-odd years, and it's all very complicated and boring and I don't much care, but in the New 52 run, we're pretty much told his origin straight away. Yeah, it's a new origin, but I was reading the New 52 when I thought of this idea. I'll break it down for you:

- Tom Curry (Human Person) and Atlanna (Queen of Atlantis) have a special hug.

- Arthur, a weird cross breed, is born and Atlanna runs off leaving Tom with blue balls.

- As Arthur grows up, he experiences his bizarre powers of... talking to fish... and when he gets older he discovers that he's actually heir to the throne of this mythical city.

- So he goes to Atlantis and tries to take his throne, but no one likes him. He has no idea how to rule Atlantis, plus he's half human, and Atlantians are just outright racist to 'land-dwellers'.

- He also becomes a member of the Justice League, but laughed at and ridiculed by people on the land.

Despite his public ridicule, he stands up for what he believes in; peace. He wants peace and justice between Atlantis and the rest of the world.

Now, lets compare him to Jesus

- Jesus's birth, at the time, you can imagine, was surrounded by mystery.

- He grew up thinking he was just some normal kid, them BAM! "Hey Jesus, you're now the king of the whole world!"

- When Jesus is older he tries to preach his message of love, peace and justice, but is laughed at, ridiculed and hated by everyone!

- Just like everyone thinks Batman or Iron Man are way better than Aquaman, at the time a lot of people would ignore Jesus and stick to listening to the temple priests.


Now, this is just my own personal opinion, but I feel that Aquaman is a lot more humble and modest than any other superhero. And when I'm reading any Justice League comics or watching any DCAU shows or movies, when Aquaman appeared, instead of like "eugh...", I'm like "AWW HEEL YEEAHH! It's about to get real!" And also, I always vote for the underdog. So yeah, my point is bias. But this is my own personal opinion.

I don't expect this article to make a massive hit, and I do expect some kind of hate, or at least constructive criticisms. I just wanted to express my thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed reading my opinion, maybe reconsidering your opinions of Aquaman and learnt a little bit about Jesus (I know, I said I wouldn't preach).

So guys, which superhero or fictional character do you see Jesus or any other religious figure in? Or where else do you surprisingly find elements of your beliefs?

Or, more simply, which superhero inspires you the most?


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