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Hey people! I joined this site just yesterday and it seems only appropriate that my first post be about arguably one of the most anticipated superhero films of 2016- Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now, a Superman/Batman crossover film was probably every DC fan's dream to see on screen for quite a few years. Ever since I knew the two characters by heart, I myself wanted Superman and Batman to team up and fight the bad guys side-by-side.

But the one question that has kept bugging me for a lot of time now, is this: is a fight between Superman and Batman even remotely logical? The first time I read Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, I was outraged and infuriated! The one thing I kept thinking was, "how and why the hell did they let Batman win?!" I mean, think about it. Superman possesses near-invulnerability, flight, heat vision, x-ray vision, freeze breath and superhuman strength, intellect, speed, durability, longevity. Granted, Batman has proven time and again that superhuman foes are not impossible for him to take down. But as long as our yellow sun exists, Superman's powers have no limits. And last I checked, human intellect, physical ability and technology have well-defined limits. In real life, the fight would be over within 10 seconds! To defeat Batman, all Superman has to do is literally just breathe. Superman could freeze him head-to-toe in about 5-6 seconds or so! If that's not an option, then he could deep fry Batman with his heat vision. If even that isn't the best way to go, Superman could just drop Batman from the stratosphere! As I said, the fight would be over in 10 seconds. Now, it is very common knowledge that in the film, Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman will team up to fight a common threat. But before that, a fight between the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel is inevitable and obvious.

But we have already seen that the film is slowly turning out to be a very Batman-centric film and that the confrontation between the two titular heroes in the film will follow TDKR quite closely. And not to forget, Batman is a character that has the bigger fan following. So we shouldn't be too surprised if Batman comes out on top and Superman gets his ass kicked.

So, bottom line: do you think that, from a totally logical viewpoint, Batman would win against Superman? And would a match between the two such opposite characters in terms of powers even be justified in the first place? Do share your views and opinions.


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