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I hope the fire isn't too hot for you dear, I thought it would be colder tonight than it is. You know what’s funny, I thought I would dream about it all more, maybe even have nightmares. I don’t dream, normally when I close my eyes for the night it’s just darkness until the day. So, no I don’t dream, but every now and then a thought plays through my mind. One clean clear thought, that replays like a bad home movie; I saw the light come through my cabin window. I sit up slowly and called out for him, “Jason, Jason, my dear boy” I softly said. I turned my head from side to side, but he is nowhere to be found. I told myself he got up early and started the day, but I knew better, he would never just leave his mother. I got dressed and headed off to the kitchen, I thought I’d run into him before breakfast. I did not go looking for him, I was his mother and I did not go looking for him! Sorry I’m getting away from the story, where was I? Oh yes.

As I started walking towards the kitchen I was stopped by Barry the counselor, I’m sure you know him. He said “The boss wants to talk to you Mrs. Voorhees” I thought it was odd, but I thanked him and turned towards the main office. I thanked him? Isn't it funny how you recall a moment and wonder why it happened the way it did? No, I’m sure your life has just been filled with wonderful moments, hasn't it dear? Now as I opened the door to the main office I heard Jerry the owner say, “Good Morning Mrs. Voorhees” I nodded and said “Good Morning Jerry. How are you?” He smiled and motioned for me to take a seat. I sat down and smiled as I asked “What is this all about?” He did his best not to look at me as he moved around some papers on his desk. “It’s about your son,” he said and I leaned in “Jason? Have you seen him?” I asked, and he nodded, then shook his head. “Not me, but one of the boys.” He said and then stopped as he stood up walking towards the door, “Mrs. Voorhees, the boy says he saw Jason running off in the middle of the night. He was heading towards the lake” He said the words and I spun around to look at him, my hands rested on the back of the chair as I said, “Jason wouldn't do that”

Barry walked through the doorway and he stood alongside Jerry, they both looked at me like some sad lost puppy. Like I didn't know my boy; they were trying to tell me he ran away from me. They were trying to tell me he just couldn't deal with living with his crazy mother. They were lying, but you, my sweet, sweet Claudette. It was written all over your face. The moment you stepped through the door I knew my dear Jason was dead. Larry knew, Barry and You knew! Jason was dead! You all knew and acted like it was just another day. He said "Good Morning to me Claudette," while he knew my son was dead in that damn lake, he said "Good Morning Mrs. Voorhees." I screamed for you all to call the police, do you remember that? Do you remember me screaming “Call the police! Call the police!” But no one did, the three of you covered it up. Since his body couldn't be found, it was easy to say he just ran away from his crazy mother. But Jason didn't run away Claudette, no he's right here with us.

"Can’t you hear him?" Listen carefully, what was that sweetie? Oh yes, oh yes, mommy loves you dear. Prove it? but how Jason, how? Kill them? But I've already killed Barry and Jerry, all that’s left is poor sweet Claudette. "What was that Jason?" Oh no, no, no. Claudette I think it’s time for you to start running dear, Because Jason just keeps screaming, “Kill her Mommy!! Kill her!!” He really is a very special boy.


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