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Marietta Huaute

Once long ago, longer than anyone can remember, there was the Underground. The Underground was a kingdom, home to many different magical creatures. The races of the Underground were at peace with each other except for one. Far in the more desolate area of the Underground lay the mighty Labyrinth. Once it had been a great Kingdom but war had torn it asunder and it lay without a ruler. Within the maze lived all sorts of creatures but the main race were the Goblins. Without a ruler, they ran rampant through the Underground causing mass chaos and destruction. This went on until the High Court of the Underground convened and decided that the Goblins would be destroyed.

Only one dared to protest this act. A young orphan boy by the name of Jareth stepped forward and said he could tame the Goblins. He felt great pity for the creatures because like him, they were unwanted and unloved. The Court laughed at him for he was just an orphan and was incredibly young by fairy standards. But he stood firm. They humored him and said if he could tame the Goblins within a set time then not only would their lives be spared but he would be made King of the Goblins and the Labyrinth would be his kingdom.

Jareth agreed and set off to the Goblin Kingdom. He was given 100 years to tame them for what was time to an immortal? The Court thought he would fail because many had tried to find their way through the Labyrinth but failed. And yet when Jareth approached the entrance the doors opened for him and he met no harm as he traversed the great maze, avoiding all it's dangers like the Labyrinth itself was guiding him. Soon he reached the castle and met the Goblins. They were surprised to see such a young child standing before them. They knew that many others had tried to make their way through before. So surprised were they by his success that they sat and listened to what the boy had to say.

The Goblins were not evil creatures, far from it. They were creatures of chaos and mischief, unaware that their playing caused so much trouble. So moved by his concern for them, that they agreed to become his subjects. And in this time he learned great magic so he could protect his kingdom. He learned that the Labyrinth was more than a maze of stone, but a sense of magic that guided him and helped him harness it's magic.

So the 100 years passed and the court had heard no word from Jareth and assumed he had died in the maze after falling into an oubliette or that the Goblins had torn him to shreds. But on the appointed day Jareth stood before them alive and well, the Goblins following behind him. He had done the impossible and as promised the Goblins were spared and Jareth made their king.

Jareth went home to his new kingdom and for the first time in his life, he felt loved and he was no longer alone.

Jareth often liked to fly through the mortal realm in his owl form. But there were times he'd come across children who were unwanted, unloved, and mistreated. He felt great pity for them because they reminded him of himself. So he took the children away with him to his castle where he hoped they would be happy. But to his horror, after 13 hours had passed, the children turned into Goblins. But they did not remember their previous life and were content to run around the Labyrinth with the other Goblins. Many families of the children did not bother to question where their children were but there were a few that made it to the Labyrinth and tried to make their way through. Most gave up after the first 13 hours or died trying but a few kept pushing on long after their children had been turned into Goblins.

This gave Jareth the idea of how to see who truly wanted their children back and to see if they were worthy. Whenever he took a child, he would appear before the family and give them the choice of accepting the challenge to run his Labyrinth and save their child within 13 hours or they could accept one of his crystals to gain whatever their heart desired. Sadly many would not bother to run the Labyrinth and those children became Goblins. But a very small few decided to brave the Labyrinth. These were the first Runners. Jareth set up obstacles to trick or detain them. And with each Runner that failed or a family did not Run a new child was made into a Goblin and added to his kingdom. He became greatly feared throughout the Aboveground as a terrible king who would steal children and turn them into Goblins.

This went on for many years until he faded away from memory and into legends until he was completely forgotten. He was still powerful in the Underground and many sought him out and yet despite all this he was incredibly lonely. He longed for companionship other than that of his Goblins. He needed a Queen.

He still liked to fly around Aboveground and one day he came across a playground with lots of little children playing. But one stood out in particular. A little girl was off on her own, far away from where the other children played. But this did not seem to bother her. She was chattering animatedly to people only she could see as she acted out what was in her head. She was so lively and so full of wonder and creativity that Jareth found himself watching her until she went home. He came back the next day in hopes she would be there and she was with a new story in her head to play.

Over the years he watched her grow up and she never lost her belief in fantasy. During this time he found himself falling in love with the girl and decided when she was old enough he'd take her as his Queen. To help her along, he left her a red leatherbound book with the title Labyrinth. The girl, Sarah, as he came to learn her name, loved the book dearly and began memorizing it and acting it out alone. Her belief in him and in his world made him strong once more. He truly believed he had found his Queen. He waited eagerly for the day that she would make a wish and he could finally appear before her.

When she was about fifteen, she finally made her wish. She wished her brother away to him and he appeared in all his glory, deadly but mesmerizing. She accepted the challenge and set off to his castle.

No one had ever solved his labyrinth so he was confident she would lose. But he made sure that none of his traps would cause her serious harm and sent Hoggle to lead her astray. But to his surprise, she began to best the Labyrinth. He appeared before her himself and upped the stakes when she challenged him. She would have to learn he was not one to trifle with if she was going to be his Queen. Course she was not harmed by the Cleaners and she escaped. But he was unhappy that she seemed to have won Hoggle over. But the Dwarf soon abandoned her before she met the creature Ludo.

He was not worried about Ludo because while he seemed fierce and could call the very rocks to his aid, Ludo was a kind and gentle creature and Jareth knew that Ludo would keep Sarah safe from harm as much as possible.

He ran into Hoggle again when the Dwarf was going back to aid her. He knew the Dwarf had sided with her despite his lies. He warned the Dwarf off and threatened if she ever kissed him, he'd banish him to the Bog of Eternal Stench.

And he kept his word but accidentally sent Sarah down to the Bog with the traitorous Dwarf. He hadn't meant to do that but he couldn't get her out of there. He had to play the evil villain like she had wanted him to be. He complied with all her wishes.

He knew she was getting much too close to the castle so he gave Hoggle an enchanted peach that would whisk her off to a world of her own and there he would make his move.

He taunted her inside the dream realm among the glittering assemblage and he could see she was insecure and that she knew she was too young to be here. And he sang to her and she fell further under his spell. He thought he had won but to his surprise she broke free. She shattered the fantasy he had carefully made for her like it was nothing. He would never admit it but it hurt. He went back to the castle where he left the baby.

He had decided that he would make the boy his heir and renamed him Jareth after himself. He thought he was secure because once Sarah ate the peach she would forget all about Toby.

But it was not to be. Not even the trick room in the Junkyard was enough to stall her and it only brought her memories back. With the aid of Ludo, Sir Didymus and Hoggle they managed to get inside the city.

Jareth sent out all his Goblins to try and stall her. No human had ever gotten as far as she had and he could not let her win. But she managed to outwit all of his Goblins and make it into the castle. He hid the boy inside the Escher room and tried once more to stop her. But he was getting exhausted by all that she asked of him.

At the very end, he offered her everything she could ever want. All he wanted in return was to love her, rule her and he would be her slave.

But he did not count on Sarah maturing while in the Labyrinth and she said those fateful words that destroyed everything: You have no power over me.

Heartbroken, he sent her home, his kingdom now destroyed. She went on with her life, never once thinking about the Goblin King she left behind or what damage her words caused.

His Queen had beaten him and was now gone. His kingdom now lay in ruins. Alone now he sits and thinks of the girl he hoped would be his Queen but instead was his downfall.


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