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Power Rangers would not be what it is today without a handful of people. One of those people is Jason David Frank, who portrayed Tommy Oliver a.k.a. The Green/White/Red/Black ranger. Recently, Moviepilot gave me the chance to do an email interview with him and, being a long time Power Rangers fan, I, of course, said yes.

Without further blabbing on my part because I'm so excited, let's begin the interview!

Joshua Etchison: First off, a little fun one! Out of Tommy Oliver’s entire arsenal, which weapon was/is your favorite?

I think Tommy’s favorite arsenal had to be the Dragon Dagger. It was the O.G. weapon and it called upon the DRAGONZORD. Saba was cool, but he talked too much.
Kinda like an Ocarina, but pointy
Kinda like an Ocarina, but pointy

JE: What is the best part of being everyone’s favorite Power Ranger, Tommy Oliver?

The love I get from the fans is definitely the best part. I have the best fans in the world and they keep me motivated to continue succeeding and being the best person I can be.

JE: Being Tommy has probably come with a lot benefits for you. Have you had any lasting friendships come out of the show?

I still talk to a lot of the cast. David Yost, Steve Cardenas, Jason Faunt, Johnny Bosch we’re all in constant contact and work together all the time. You’ll see our crazy stunts in my reality show, My Morphing Life.

JE: Back on topic, in what ways has the show “morphed” (ok, that was cheesy) over the years since you began?

I think the show has definitely changed throughout the years. I think it still has that cheesy feeling to it, but hey kids love cheese! Mac and Cheese, cheese sandwiches, string cheese, all types of cheese.

JE: Which actors/actresses have most influenced how you approached your role as Tommy Oliver?

I was definitely a big fan of Bruce Lee and what he represented in martial arts and movies, but in reality Tommy is a lot like me, just a more calm version.

JE: To what would you attribute your popularity in the Power Rangers franchise?

I think people can relate to Tommy from the beginning. He was turned evil then turned good, but was still a loner at heart. He would come help the Rangers to save the city and then he’ll go back to his martial arts. I think kids loved that and that’s what made the character so popular. He became a leader, which was never what I thought, I thought he would always be a loner that would come help save the day. As for my popularity in the franchise, I think it’s because I give my fans a chance to witness my life day by day. I spend hours upon hours writing to my fans, liking their pictures and commenting on their pics, etc. I invest in them and they in return invest in me.

JE: My Morphin' Life Season 2 debuted last weekend, so what can we fans expect from the new season?

The new season of My Morphin' Life has so much action, funny situations, crazy situations. It’s a look into how I live my life day by day after Power Rangers. I mean I skydive, do martial arts, base jump and so much more. You can also expect a lot of guests from the Power Ranger TV show and a few others.

JE: I saw that you went to sets for the new Power Rangers movie in production for the new season of My Morphin' Life, and you promised at least a cameo of Tommy Oliver in the film, but is there any new information on the subject? No pressure, we just all want to know!

I speak to Saban constantly, but the script is super secretive at the moment. I would love to return and reprise the role of Tommy. We’ll have to wait and see what Saban and Lionsgate have in store for Power Ranger fans in 2017. I know fans are anxious to see what they have planned, but in the meantime, fans can see me don the green Ranger suit in Bat in the Sun’s Super Power Beatdown, Green Ranger vs Ryu that’s on YouTube right now.

JE: We LOVE superheroes at Moviepilot, if you could play any superhero who would it be?

I love playing Tommy, he has a very special place in my heart and I’m very proud of being a Power Ranger. I constantly see how this character has changed the lives of so many people and I wouldn’t change playing him for the world. But, if I had to change and not be Tommy, I would love to play Wolverine, he’s one of my favorite superheroes.

So yeah, about that last part, I need someone to get Bosslogic, Wee Arts, and Lord Mesa on making some kind of concept art or fan art as soon as humanly possible. We can work something like that out, right?

Don't forget to check out My Morphin' Life, Season 1 is available on the Bat in the Sun YouTube channel, along with the Ryu vs. Green Ranger and other super-powered beatdowns!

Check out season 2 on Con TV!

Hurry and catch up before you get too far behind!

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