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Imagine this: The Justice League has been dismantled. Their long battle with Darkseid left the team fractured and disjointed. Batman is dead (results from his own solo film), and Superman, after his battle with Doomsday in the sequel to Man of Steel, has died and he took Doomsday with him. Hal Jordan has ascended back into space to protect the galaxy and take on the Sinestro corp, and Aquaman is left to deal with the aftermath of all of these events back in Atlantis and deal with his own foes. The Flash has disappeared, possibly into the past or the future, battling through time with Reverse Flash.

This leaves Cyborg and Nightwing on their own to protect Earth from existing threats along with newer ones. In comes Raven, who was actually instrumental in putting the team together in Marv Wolfman's run back in the 80's, and in this universe Raven enters and recruits Cyborg and Nightwing along with younger heroes to prepare for a bigger threat than anything they have faced in the past, and that would be Trigon, an inter-dimensional demon who also happens to be Raven's father . And from that we have the jumping off point into the Teen Titans film and all films going forward, setting up phase 2 of the DC universe.

When Marv Wolfman & George Perez introduced us to The New Teen Titans back in 1980, it was supposed to be DC's answer to Marvel's X-Men, and they succeeded in introducing us to a team of heroes who must learn to work as a team, and in the process they became something more. They became friends, and they became family. That needs to be the overall theme of the film in general.

The roster would consist of Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire and Static Shock, with Cyborg and Nightwing leading the team (at least in my version). The reason that this would be a great team has something to do with the fact that kid/teen side kicks would not work in the universe that DC is trying to set up, which would eliminate characters such as Kid Flash and Aqualad, along with others, from being a part of the team.

The reason that Nightwing would have to be in the film is because, based on numerous rumors and reports, Nightwing is already a character in this universe. Instead of having a team full of teens, I think we should all be able to accept if these characters were all in their early 20's, and still trying to get a grasp on their power.

Raven as a character is fascinating and would make for an interesting and complex character on film. She has this dark, evil power inside of her, which she suppresses by meditating, controlling her emotions and by being a hero, but all that power could be unleashed, in an instant, if she loses a grip on her emotions and on reality. She is truly one of the strongest characters in the universe, but she keeps a grip on her emotions as to not unleash this power onto the world.

The dynamic then, between a character like Starfire and Raven, would be a fascinating and fun one to explore. Starfire unleashes her powers by unleashing her emotions, and Raven must always keep her emotions in check. In turn, Starfire is always happy and preppy as this alien from another planet, not accustomed to the traditions of Earth, and she could be displayed as this naive creature, foreign to our world.

When it was announced that a solo Cyborg film was planned for 2020, it came as a surprise simply because Cyborg has not even been featured by himself in any of the comics. He has always been a part of a team, whether it be the Teen Titans or, in The New 52, the Justice League. Cyborg is simply a team player. But after this Convergence event that DC currently has going on, Cyborg will be spinning off into his own comic. By 2020, there might be some interesting stories to tell with this character in film.

However, even though the Cyborg film should stand on its own, we could still introduce Raven in this film and have her gain his trust before they work together to recruit this new, younger, team.

The first Teen Titans film, just like the X-Men films, should focus on recruiting new members and learning to work as a team. In fact, even though the larger threat of Trigon should be lurking, we could have the team test themselves out against weaker villains. The focus of the first film should not be the villain, but rather building and getting to know the characters. Since Cyborg and Nightwing will be the veterans, they should be tasked with teaching and training this team, with Raven acting as a spiritual trainer, in a way, teaching them of the threat to come.

After this first film, and after the world learns about this new team of heroes, we could introduce Deathstroke, a mercenary for hire, hired by a rival who wants to take the team out so they could branch out their operation and won't have to worry about being taken down. Deathstroke is one of the greatest foes of the Titans, and introducing him in their second film makes sense. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

This Titans film should kick off phase 2, and then we could move into introducing Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Hawkman, and other heroes, building towards a new Justice League along with an expanding Teen Titans roster. The end game in phase 2 should be Trigon, and the events in phase 2 should focus on the inevitable entrance of Trigon into our world, ending in a two part Justice League/Teen Titans finale, dealing with this demon entering our world to devour it. In the center of all of it should be Raven, and the dark power trapped inside her.

The reason that a film based on this property could work is because, as has been mentioned, it should be treated like the X-Men. There is no professor X on this team, but the dynamics and feel of the film should feel like X-Men, in a way, with emphasis on character and these human emotions (even though some of these characters aren't human) that they deal with through everything going on.

Of course, this would be an ideal set up for this team, but I don't expect DC to kill off and mess with so much of their most popular characters, but it would shake everything up. Unlike the Marvel films (I know, I hate comparing them too) in which the heroes never feel in peril or danger, DC killing off and fracturing the team at the end of phase one would let the audience know that these threats are real, and that anything could happen. That would add suspense and danger to the events of the DC Cinematic Universe going forward.

Casting the team as if it were to be made tomorrow:

Cyborg: Ray Fisher (Already cast)
Nightwing: Zac Efron
Raven: Rooney Mara
Starfire: Emma Stone
Beast Boy: Michael Cera (Don't laugh, it could work)
Static Shock: Jaden Smith (Couldn't think of anyone else, but he was good in Karate Kid so it could work)

Drop your own theories and ideas about a Teen Titans film in the comments below, and thanks for reading.


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