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Caitlyn Clark

Ryan wakes up from a nightmare about wilfred. Wilfred, in his nightmare, has died. Ryan walks down the hallway of his new home, to his son's room, Charlie. Charlie had been laying with Wilfred, until Wilfred saw that Ryan had woken up. He springs from Charlies bed, and tells Ryan "Charlie has a huge case of the runny shits, I believe that's all you buddy!" And runs off to the kitchen to open a beer. Ryan looks at Charlie and says "Charlie, wanna take a bath?" Charlie, only being 3 years old, excitedly runs to Ryan with his poop infested self and nods his head yes for a bath. Wilfred comes back and pinches his nose and says "Ryan, he stinks! Clean it up before I start to like the smell!" Ryan walks toward the bathroom only to see Jenna. His neighbor, and now his wife. She also happens to be the mother of Charlie, his son. They kiss and wilfred gets jealous. Ryan then wakes up once more, to wilfred liking him and saying "Wake up, me and Jenna are here to visit!" Jenna walks in with Ryans doctor, who hands him his medicine and says "Good morning, champ!" Wilfred then says to the doctor "His name, is Ryan!!!!" And slaps the medicine out of his hands. The doctor also had water to take the medicine down, which had also spilled out if his hands. Wilfred then slips and falls into Ryans bed, cracking his head open, and dying. Ryan had just dreamt about this. The end.


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