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So there is this groovy theory going around that was caught and I just had to share and include a correction that I believe Age of Ultron has solidified. Here is the theory:

As you can see it is a very sound theory. All we need to do to predict where and when the final 2 gems will present themselves is to watch and listen to what we have already been given. Joss has been giving us hints the whole time.

I believe that the “Soul Gem” will present itself in the next Thor movie, Thor: Ragnarok. If you have not seen Age of Ultron, SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Also spoilers.

So if you do not want to know about any of the key moments in the movie, go watch it and then come back. As for those who have, HERE WE GO.

In the move, Thor has a vision ( HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…. Vision, get it??? hahah cause, you get it.) due to Scarlet Witch.

In this vision Heimdall tells Thor that he will send them all to Hell aka Hel. Knowing the story of Ragnarok which is the destruction of Asgard, we can assume that the “H”/soul gem will be found during the movie leaving us the time gem to find.

The Time gem quite possibly could be connected to Dr. Strange. Having signed on to do multiple movies Strange could be the last piece of the puzzle. Dr. Strange wears a necklace ( The Eye of Agamotto) that has been an integral part of the comics and even the story line of the infinity wars.

It has been known to manipulate Time and space revealing massive amounts of power. If Strange is going to be a major part of the MCU, this would be an incredible way to involve the character. This gives us the “N” (Necklace) for the time gem, completing the gauntlet and leading us to Avengers : Infinity wars.

So sound off, what do you think? Is this a tad far-fetched? Are there other theories that are better?

And as always, have fun in the comments and keep it respectful.


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