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ABC Family, the network you can thank for the upcoming "Shadowhunters" Television series, is adding more and more names to its ever-growing list of stars set to appear in the show. Based upon the best-selling novels by Cassandra Clare, the Television Series will premiere nearly 3 years after the kinda-flop movie, which starred Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower in the lead roles as Clary and Jace.

With Clary (Katherine McNamara), Jace (Dominic Sherwood), Simon (Alberto Rosende) and Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia) already cast, today comes the news of who will play Luke Garroway - Clary's werewolf step-father and former Shadowhunter, and Alec Lightwood - Isabelle's older brother, Shadowhunter and love interest of the mysterious and enthralling warlock, Magnus Bane.

Can you say Malec? ^_^

Luke and Alec, played previously in the movie by Aiden Turner and Kevin Zegers, will now be played by..........

Matthew Daddario and Isaiah Mustafa!

Your new Alec.
Your new Alec.

Daddario, the sister of Alexandra Daddario known for playing Annabeth in the Percy Jackson films, takes on the role of Alec, joining the cast as Emeraude's Toubia's characters' brother.

Your new Luke!
Your new Luke!

Mustafa, a man you may well know as the star of the old spice commercials, will take on the role of Kate McNamara's stepdad, and werewolf on the series.

I think the casting of Mustafa is BRILLIANT. I've been very happy with the casting so far, especially Kate McNamara as Clary, and with every reveal, it only ever seems to get better. I know a lot of people will be upset at the casting of a person of a colour in the role of a character who, in the books, was caucasian, but here's the thing. Unless a characters ethnicity is the basis for who they are as a character, and directly affects the personality, plotlines, plotpoints etc, then does it really matter if the person cast doesn't match the description perfectly?

Would you not rather have a brilliant actor play the role, who looks a little different than you imagined, than an actor who looked exactly as you pictured (Aiden Turner perhaps?) but didn't do such a hot job playing the character?

With Emeraude Toubia playing Isabelle, Alberto Rosende as Simon, Matthew Daddario (who's family are Italian American), and Isaiah Mustafa, rounding out the cast, the show is taking some pretty big steps in the way of diversity. Not only is the cast varied, coming from all different backgrounds etc, but with the character of Magnus Bane, being Asian, we can look forward to not having his character played as the "token ethnic", as the entire cast is diverse.


What do you think of this casting? Is it perfect? Better than the movie? Who would you have chosen?

Shadowhunters is said to premiere on ABC Family in early 2016! Don't forget to follow my profile HERE for all the latest updates as and when they happen!


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