ByBrad Dee, writer at

Ever since Dan Slott took over the reigns of Amazing Spider-man, he has brought together a number of concepts that have made some fans happy and angered a number of fans. But, the one thing that we have seen in recent months is that Peter hasn't been himself, and has needed a number of different characters to save him from disaster. That again holds true in this issue, which marks the final issue of Amazing Spider-man before Secret Wars comes.

Amazing Spider-man #18 is again a very odd issue in that it has 2 stories to tell and Slott needs to find a way to finish off all his storylines before the end of this saga. What makes it also difficult is that we already know that everything will be changed after Secret Wars, which takes away a decent amount of our investment in this storyline. This issue brings about a battle between Spidey and the Ghost, which is a well thought out concept, as this is a foe that Spider-man can't beat with his might, but has to defeat with his brains. But, as we have seen in this entire volume of Amazing Spider-man, he will need help from some unlikely heroes to make that happen. This again hurts the comic, as it makes Peter look very weak, when we all know how powerful and strong he truly is. It's almost a shame to know that this is the final issue of Amazing, as a number of problems are never addressed, and even more questions are raised by the end of this issue that may never get seen again. What will happen to Parker Industries? Will Peter ever find out that his own employees have turned against him? Will Felicia ever become the Black Cat that we remember from the past? Nobody knows what the future for Peter will be after Secret Wars ends, but I do hope some of these questions are addressed so we can have some actual closure. I give this issue a 6 out of 10.


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