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Ben Larmouth Jr.

Marvel if you see this, It's only a small step to what I have plan with you guys, A character that is a true Testament of confidence & never gives up. A anti hero/villian but more on making bad decisions his name is Quaylin Jackson. Quaylin is a mutant who was born in Harlem, New York in 1863, He was born as a slave. Giving birth by his Mother & Father Henrietta & Lamar Jackson, some thing was different about this boy whenever he got hurt, his body would heal super fast and he had incredible strength for his age. One day Quaylin father Lamar was working on the field & he heard his wife scream as he ran to see that his master was trying to rape his wife. He beg his master to stop & take his life instead of touching his wife &; the man ignored him as he continue until Lamar got upset &; felt helpless he picked up a rock & hit his master & kept hitting him until he was not moving. He became afraid & told his wife & son they should flee or get killed during there desperate escape to leave. Quaylin parents get shot & his mother tells him to run as he escapes & hides finding a safe location, he grows up & disguise himself as a farmer until one day someone from his past recognize him as he shot Quaylin in the chest but he started to heal & with rage knowing it was the same man who killed his parents he rips the head off the man with his bare hands he flees to Canada for a couple of years & goes into the military where he meets a mutant like himself named Logan (Wolverine) they become good friends after years of battle together with him he partin ways to live a quiet life. He meets a beautiful woman Lucia Woven which at first he is hesitate to give his heart to because of his past & felt it was to good to be true that a man of war, immortality & a dark past could ever be with something good & pure until she showed him something very different & for the first time in Quaylin's Life he was in love. Years later they live together on a farm that he built, she was pregnant with there first born, until a dark figure with claws attack his home butcher his wife & unborn child & left him for dead until he was healed when this happen Quaylin became very different & he let darkness form in his heart & started to believe Wolverine killed his family for jealous reasons & there argument they last encounter the last time they seen each other. Someone frame Logan to make it seem that he killed Quaylin's Family as Quaylin now sees his self as a monster, A beast of Animals that is hellbent only on one thing to make Logan (Wolverine) suffer for the death of his family & never give up until he is dead. Quaylin is a African American with incredible strength, Ultra Healing Powers, regenerating body meaning any part of his body cut off it grows back instantly, one of the hardest hitters in the Marvel Universe hits harder then Luke Cage & strength is equal almost to Thor, Magnified durability, he also has a interbody warmer that keeps his body warm in the coldest places also bones just as strong as Wolverine skeletal system can take a hard punch even from the Hulk. His healing powers keeps him younger then he looks Like Wolverine & he is still alive in present time. Quaylin barely never wears a shirt extremely muscular has a Mohawk type of look, a beard, a loop earring on his left side of ear, jeans & military boots. He is 6'2 & weights 284 lbs of muscle, the dude body looks like a statue, has a mouth that will make Wolverine shut up a very tough guy & curses alot, will have a respond to anything you say, very arrogant but brave & very strong will, street hood mentality but also has a heart but money driven. If he says he will do something you better believe he will. One of Wolverine's toughest enemies he ever faced. Quaylin also has training as A boxer & martial artist making him a extremely skilled & dangerous fighter. So what do you think about this Orgins story of a new Marvel character in this universe help me get this story attention to Marvel will u like to see this character go toe to toe with Wolverine let me know your opinion about the character in your comments. I love feedback & honesty tell me how you feel About the character & can you see him in the Marvel World not even close to my best new character for Marvel but if you like I can bring you more new characters & stories. PS if this character was to Ever come to the silver screen Michael Jai White will be born to play this character opposite Huge Jackman's Wolverine.


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