ByBrad Dee, writer at

If there is one thing that people have started to hate about the new 52, all of that is seen in this very comic. Last month, we were reminded not just about the love between Lois and Clark, but also the human relationship that these two characters really have for each other. The real problem is that we don't get a chance to see how they acted as humans while trapped under the dome for a year. But, as writer Dan Jurgins has always done, he has found a way to make his characters seem more human then they truly are,. In this issue, it's not just Superman that appears human, but also the characters from the Flashpoint universe that want to also be saved.

Last issue, I gave the comic a 9 out of 10 ad considered it one of the two best tie-ins for the Convergence comic series. This issue is even better then that last issue and we finally can get an ending to the Superman saga that we deserved(and also an ending that Clark deserves). The final line in the comic is enough to make you smile, and shows that this book was never about two heroes fighting it out. This comic was about family and love. The love between Clark and his wife Lois. The love between Thomas Wayne and the son that died in his arms in the "Flashpoint" universe. Even the love between Subject Zero and a woman who died in front of him. The ending will make all die-hard Superman fans smile and will show that even he can get the happy ending that he deserves. Dan Jurgins writes all the characters brilliantly and the art by Norm Rapmund was amazing. As a tie-in that has nothing to do with the overall saga of Convergence, this is a two-part series that fans need to read. The ending itself is worth the cover price of the comic and will make you despise the new 52 even more and make you more upset that we may never get a chance to see how this new Super-family evolves. It's rare to give a comic a perfect score, but this comic does just that. I give this comic a 10 out of 10. Read it and enjoy it.


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