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In the beginning, there was nothing. But this is simply not true. There was something in the beginning. One lone object floating in space. It had like a rockish form. Then, all of a sudden, the object began to split, releasing immense amounts of energy, starting the Big Bang and thus creating the universe. As the universe was being created, the object continued to split until it had completely broken of from itself and became six singularities. These six singularities held immense amounts of power. They were the most powerful and most dangerous objects in the entire universe. These singularities controlled the six faucets of the universe: Space, Time, Mind, Soul, Power, and Reality. These six singularities became known as...

the Infinity Stones.

All the stones as seen in Guardian of the Galaxy
All the stones as seen in Guardian of the Galaxy

These stones hold great power and danger to any being that holds them, as to why they are considered the most powerful and dangerous objects in the universe. When the stones split, they began to separate and expanded throughout the universe. It took millennium for them to be found. The Space Stone found it's way to the first Asgardians, The Power Stone was first used by the Celestials, the Mind Stone was found by the original Chitauri before they were taken over by Thanos, The Reality Stone was discovered by the Dark Elves, the Soul Stone was located by the first of the Warlock family (Adam Warlock's family), and the Time Stone landed on a desert planet.

So that is the origin story of the Infinity Stones. Leave a comment below if you like or disliked it. Let me know what you thought about it, if I should change anything, change nothing, or anything else you guys can think of. Bye-bye, and see you next time.


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