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How did The Dark Knight's Joker really get his scars?

As a young boy Joker lived with his Mother who loved more than life itself, even though she was usually hooked on heroin that his abusive drunk Father had been supplying her with for 10 years. Joker didn't get much attention when he was a child. His mother always had a needle in her arm. And his Father usually had a belt hanging around his - which he used to torture the boy for being "Nothing but a Joke". Whenever Joker tried to fight back the hits just got harder and harder as did the insults. But as usual his Mother was too scared to interfere with the incidents. Mostly because she was afraid to lose her Drugs. Whenever Joker was at school he was bullied because everyone knew that his Mother was a junkie. This often led Joker to react violently. Head of the school was always contacting home. Social Service's always got involved. The Father used to always find a way to go around them. One night Joker was trying to talk his Mother into leaving telling her that she was better than this. And deserved better. Then He came home. The stench of scotch, steaming off of him. He wondered into the kitchen. Went into the fridge to get a beer. But there was none. So started shouting at Joker's Mother about how there should always be beer in the fridge. She then started shouting about how she wanted him to leave her and her son alone forever. He slapped her. Joker froze on the spot. She went to hit back, but he pulled out a knife. Joker unfroze and ran towards him. His Father grabbed him put the knife to his mouth and said - "Why So Serious?" Joker froze again. But this time with anger in his system. Again went his Father "Why So Serious?" Joker's fist clenched. The Father repeated the same line over and over again until he ran the knife up each corner of Joker's mouth. Joker screamed in pain. His mother ran towards the father with a knife and stabbed him over and over and over again. Joker then started laughing manically. looked up to his Mother and said "Why So Serious?".


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