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John always remembered having a nice childhood. He always got the things he wanted, his mother and father adored him, and he was always so imaginative. But John's parents never really knew what John would pass his time on, seeing that he didn't have any friends. They just thought of it as a phase that would normally fade away as he grew up. It never did. As a matter of fact, it actually got worse as he grew older. As a child, John liked to do experiments with his toys. He would place them in a box which he would see as a room and make a trap-like set in the box and start a countdown. At the end of that countdown, the toys would be destroyed in various sick ways. They would be burned, torn/broken apart, and smashed until they were nothing but pieces of cloth or plastic. As a teenager, John was thought of as a weirdo at school. He wouldn't participate with others, and he usually wasn't the type to be picked on due to how he traumatized his bullies. On his after school hours, he would go out on a search for stray animals and take them to abandoned or solitary places such as loading docks, convenient stores, and houses. He would do sick things to those animals and would leave them there to rot. It didn't catch police attention until a real estate agent came to check up on a house and found a cat, hanging from the roof with it's lower jaw hanging down. When John heard about this at school, he felt quite proud of himself. He started getting ready for his next "act".The next day he was on his way to his next location, when he noticed a clown puppet staring out the window of a house. He found it's stare comforting and started to get attached to it in some strange kind of way. He sneaked in through a window on the side of the house and as he examined the room, to his surprise he found an old man sitting in a wheelchair on the other side of the room. Afraid that the man would call the cops, he took immediate action and slammed the man's head against the wall. Breathing heavily, he turned back to grab the doll. As he held the puppet in his hands, he knew that his ritual was about to change forever. The old man woke up scared out of his mind. He then saw a T.V. that was placed in front him turn on. Then there appeared that same puppet, with its blood red eyes.....staring. Until it finally spoke saying, "Hello, I want to play a game."


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