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"Get back in line mike!" Yelled out Corey, the bully of Mikeys elementary school. "Yeah get back in line you wierdo!" Chimmed in one of his classmates.

"But i was already in line, I'm not going all the way to the back just because you said so Corey," Mikey replied.

Mikey was only 8 years old, with shaggy brown hair and a quite, normal complexion to say the least. He had just turned 8 this past month and was learning that being a third grader obviously meant constant torment from his peers.

"I said get in the back of the line or I'm gonna make you get in the back", whispers a now furious Corey. They were all taking turns going down the slide at recess, and it was finally Mikeys turn. He wasn't about to just give up his spot because some snot nosed 4th grader in a jean jacket told him to. So he sat there, ready to climb the steps and take the plundge.

As he continued to ignore the demands of the other kids he took a step toward the slide, placing his hands on the bars that helped every child climb the steps that seemed so huge to them.

Just as he took his first step, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and quickly turned. As he did Corey grabbed him placing him in a headlock. "Now you're gonna get it you little $#**!" Corey said in a furious rage. He dragged little Mikey back behind the wall ball court with the help of his two friends.

"Should of just listened to em chump!" One of the other children said as he kicked Mikey while he was down. They continued to pummel him a good 3 minutes before calmly walking away as if nothing had happened, right back to the slide where one of their friends was keeping their place in line and looking out for an adult.

Mikey just layed there, too embarrassed to get up, he didn't want anyone seeing the teers in his eyes, not to mention the blood on his lip and nose. One of them had even ripped his favorite shirt! He just layed there until he heard the whistle blow. Then he waited for everyone to go inside and he hopped the fence and ran, ran as fast as he could till the school was too far to see.

'One day they'll see. I'll be big and I'll be strong, and I'll rip em all apart to pieces! I'll tie them up and stick packs of firecrackers in their mouths, I'll cover em in honey and leave em in the woods for a bear! I'll get them back I'll get all of them back just wait and see' Mikey kept coming up with clever ways to pay them back all the way home.

Once he finally got there, nobody was home, mom and dad were obviously already gone at one of their parties, he assumed this because there was a note next to a clown costume which read, "Hey Champ! Sorry we weren't here tk take you trick or treating this year :( but Judith promised us she would show you all the good spots to hit for the best candy! We had another function to attend tonight at Dr. Martins place. We love ya kiddo. Hope you have an amazing and spooktacular Halloween muhuahahahahahaha!

Love, Mom and Dad.

Of course. They were never home, always too busy drinking at these so called "functions" What complete Horse $* he thought to himself. And now he had to rely on his whore of a sister to take him out trick or treating? Very unlikely that was gonna happen, see Judith had a new boy toy and Mikey had over heard her on the phone with another girl saying tonight was the night they were finally gonna do it. Whatever it was, it sure wasn't taking Mikey trick or treating! And after the day he had, well that just made him angrier, there was a fire burning inside him now, one that wouldn't go out. Ever.

It was well past 9 pm and Judith had yet to even make it home. Mikey had went out himself that night, but too frightened to wander alone in the darkness, he went up one side of the block, and back up the other, only getting maybe 10 pieces of candy along the way. It wasnt the lack of candy that was now adding to his rage, it was seeing all the children out, with their parents, the times he spent wishing his mother and father weren't an alcoholics was infinite.

It hadn't helped he'd saw his sister drive past the house twice either. Mikey had decided it was time to punish everyone who'd done him wrong, and that meant starting with his sister. He grabbed the biggest and sharpest kitchen knife he could find, before slowly creeping up the stairs to her room, where he would wait, patiently for her to go.

As judith walked in the house all she could think about was the night she had just had. After 17 years on this earth she was no longer a virgin. And she was in love. In love with a boy she believed loved her back the same. She was so mesmerized that she didn't even call out to her brother, instead she walked upstairs straight to the bathroom and ran a nice hot bath.

Once she finished her bath she called out to Mikey but there was no reply. "Good, that little $* must be sleeping" she said out loud as she walked into her bedroom. She sat down at the foot of her bed wrapped up in just a towel. She had so much on her mind. She was so focused on the things that had taken place that night, so focused that she didn't notice her closet door open, didnt notice Mikey slip out her door and down the hallway.

Bang! There was loud crash that startled her. It sounded like it had came from Mikeys bedroom. "Mike!? Was that you?" She called out into the darkness. She tried to flip the hallway light but there was no response. Hmm she thought, 'that's strange it was just working before."

As she opened Mikeys door she saw headlights through the window pulling up. What she didn't notice was there was no body in Mikeys bed. "Good they can deal with his little dorky a**" she said out loud as she turned to exit

But as she touched the door nob the door slammed shut. Mikey had been standing behid it the whole time. "Oh My god i should kill you ya know!" She screamed. "In fact I'm telling mom and dad you were acting like a--" her sentence is cut off as the knife pierces her stomach, then again this time through her chest right above the heart. She let out a blood curdling scream as he continued to stab her, seventeen times. Then he just stood over her lifeless body, staring at his handy work as his parents came running up the stairs yelling asking what was going on.

He just turned to his mother and father, knife in hand, with his head tilted, not uttering a word.....


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