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London bridge is falling down???? London has fallen is yet another sure to be action packed movie that will leave you on the edge of your seat.The setting of this film is sure to set up a number of the movies important plot points that you will see when the full trailer hits the web.In the film we will see some of London's most iconic landmarks get destroyed such as the Big ben and the london bridge. you can already guarantee that this movie will definitely up the stakes from previous movies such as "white house down" and "Olympus has fallen".

the film's plot synopsis is as follows:

The story begins in London, where the British Prime Minister has passed away under mysterious circumstances. His funeral is a must-attend event for leaders of the western world. However, what starts out as the most protected event on Earth turns into a deadly plot to kill the world’s most powerful leaders, devastate every known landmark in the British capital, and unleash a terrifying vision of the future. Only three people have any hope of stopping it: the President of the United States, his formidable Secret Service head (Butler), and an English MI-6 agent who rightly trusts no one.

Ultimately this type of film has alot of relevance considering the current day to today discussions about global terrorism but don't let that stop you from watching or enjoying the film.The terrorists within the film seem to have 3 major goals in mind with the first one being to attack world leaders but the question is why? are they simply bitter over political grievances or are they anarchists? could a world leader secretly be involved with this group ?Aside from this their 2 final goals are to devastate the city of london and bring forth a terrifying vision of the future. sounds like an apocalypse that begins with the disestablishment of a major western civilization.we'll see how this all unfolds.

In the larger scheme of things it seems like all the attacks have some kind of connection that remains a bit unclear. Ultimately we will see what the bigger end game is in the movie beyond the terrorists supposed motivation.London is a pretty important city and the prime minister was an important figure so this seems to have alot to do with why such as event has become such a high profile target. London has fallen looks to be another interesting take on the political action franchise as well as possibly showcasing valor,heart,and determination in the face of danger or unprecedented violence.If London has fallen isn't the last film then which city will be in the sequel? Paris,France? Rome,Italy? or Moscow,Russia?These questions might just get answered.


London has fallen is scheduled to hit theaters on October 2, 2015 and is directed by Babak Najafi


The film stars Gerald Butler,Aaron Eckhart,Morgan Freeman,Angela Bassett,Robert Forster,Melissa Leo,Radha Mitchell, Jackie Earle Haley,Sean O'Bryan,Medhi Dehbi,Alon Aboutoul,Charlotte Riley,and Waleed Zuaiter


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