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Before we start i just want you guys to know the fact these people made the list makes them my top 10 out of the entire Marvel Universe. If they made the list, that means they are amazing. There is tons of awesome villains in Marvel and i could only choose 10 so give me a break here.

10. Winter Soldier

  • Bucky Barnes is one of the most interesting characters in Marvel. He was born back in World War I times and lived to serve in World War II along side is best childhood friend Steve Rogers A.K.A Captain America. After Bucky and Cap got into a fight with Baron Zemo who was about drop bombs on the United States using a gigantic plane, the plane blew up sending Cap into the Arctic waters of the English Channel and Bucky presumed dead but really just got his arm blown off and was found later by the Russians. Bucky was given a metal arm with a Communist star on it. He was practically hypnotized for decades continuously fulfilling assassination contracts and than being frozen to keep him young. Eventually Bucky came into battle with Captain America after he was found and was able to come to his senses after Steve reminded him who he was.

9. Green Goblin (Norman Osborn)

  • Norman Osborn was the founder and CEO of Oscorp. But he didn't have full control over his company at first. Osborn first took over his company by framing his business partner Mendell Stromm of embezzlement. Osborn now had the power over the entire company. He went through Stromm's notes to find a formula that could make him super-humanly powerful. After testing the formula on himself he went pretty insane developing the powers but also giving him a severe bipolar and multiple personality disorder. He than became the Green Goblin. Osborn thinking wisely tried to unite all the gangs of New York so that he could control them had to prove himself so by proving himself he went to kill Spider-Man. Of course he failed but he's became the Spider's arch nemesis ever since.

8. Carnage

  • Cletus Kasady was a sociopathic murder going through the streets of New York when the Venom Symbiote hit him turning into a much more sinister version of Venom named Carnage. Venom usually has a motive to his actions but Carnage usually does what he does for the pleasure of murder. There are times where even Venom and Spider-Man team up to take down Carnage because the man is so sadistic.

7. Red Skull

  • Johann Schmidt started out as just a normal Hydra general during World War II. Johann heard of Dr. Josef Reinstein's work of a super soldier serum and he wanted it. At the time it wasn't perfected and side effects were pretty damn gruesome. The serum gave Schmidt the power of a super soldier but ruined his entire head making him the Red Skull. Later in life, Captain America becomes Schmidt's arch nemesis.

6. Venom

  • Venom is an alien symbiote that came to Earth and first infected Peter Parker. At first Parker enjoyed the new power but eventually noticed how evil it was making him. At first the symbiote liked Peter but when Peter got rid of it through vibration waves, it despised Peter. Looking for a new host, it found Eddie Brock giving him the sole purpose of killing Spider-Man.

5. Loki

  • Loki was originally born in Jotunheim and his father was Laufey, King of the Frost Giants. But when Odin invaded Jotunheim after the Frost Giants invaded Earth he took Loki with him, making him his son. Loki grew up in Thor's shadow which made him angry. He thought that he was the rightful king of Asgard, not Thor or Odin. Loki has tried to take over the throne multiple times but has failed multiple times. However when it comes to taking on the heroes of Earth, Loki is one of the most powerful and deceiving villains in Marvel.

4. Ultron

  • Ultron is one of the most dangerous villains in Marvel. He was originally created by Hank Pym and was created for the purpose of an A.I. drone to protect civilians while Avengers took care of villains. But Ultron eventually realized the only problem with humanity was humanity themselves. To create world peace, Ultron wanted to murder all humans from Earth. The comics series 'Age of Ultron' is the best story line with Ultron in it and I highly suggest you read it or watch it on Youtube.

3. Magneto

  • Max Eisenhardt was in Nazi Germany to watch his parents be murdered. Luckily for Max he was born with the Mutant gene and had the ability to control metal. He is constantly messing with the X-Men and has two children Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. Both are Mutants and just so happens Wanda is the most powerful out of all of them.

2. Thanos

  • Thanos is an alien who's sanctuary is in deep space. His favorite being in the Universe is Death. He loves lady Death so much that he was willing to hunt down all the infinity stones in the universe to put on his infinity gauntlet to destroy half the universe killing billions of living species.

1. Doctor Doom

  • Victor Von Doom will always have a lust for power. Doom believes he is the smartest person on the planet which is why he continuously attacks Mr. Fantastic and the Fantastic Four to prove it. He is the ruler of Latveria, hes is on S.H.E.I.L.D's most wanted and is the most challenging and dangerous villain and definitely deserves the #1 spot.


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